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Why paint,
when you can wrap?

Colour change car wraps

Maybe your new car wasn't available in the colour you wanted, or perhaps you've simply grown tired of the colour of your old car and want something new. 3M colour change wraps can instantly change your car into something new and fresh, without the need for a respray. Check out our matte, matte metallic, gloss and textured coloured wraps, and find the car wrap that best suits you and your personality. It’s time to go driving in a different colour.

Matte and matte metallic

  • Matte Car Wraps - Why paint when you can wrap

    Matte car wraps: Why paint when you can wrap?

    If you've been out and about lately, you'll know matte finish car wraps are bang on trend. While a number of car manufacturers offer limited runs of matte paint options on new vehicles it is often at a considerable cost, and why paint when you can wrap?

    • Get the latest look at a reasonable price with a matte finish car wrap
    • Stand out and look different from other vehicles on the road
    • Be a trend setter with a matte black or matte grey vehicle wrap
    • If you ever fancy something new, simply remove it and choose another colour and finish

    Check out our colour swatches to see which matte look suits your style. Also, if you wish to protect your matte wrap with 3M™ VentureShield™ paint protection film, we now have a matte version.

  • Matte Metallic Wraps

    Matte metallic car wraps

    Add some subtly and attitude to your car with our matte metallic car wraps. The Car Wrap Film Series 1080 features a range of matte metallic wraps, from our latest addition, matte charcoal metallic, to the ever-popular matte dark grey metallic. Why not combine a matte metallic wrap with gloss black details on your grills, roof or wing mirrors to make your wrap really pop! Our network of trained 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers can help you create head-turning, completely unique matte metallic car wrap effects.

    Matte finish car wraps: Get the latest matte look

    Matte effect vehicle wraps can change the colour of your car quickly and cost-effectively, with no need for an expensive respray. Popular Matte finishes include matte black vehicle wraps, and more recently matte grey wraps. Check out our colour swatches to see which matte look suits your style.


  • Gloss vehicle wrap – Why paint when you can wrap

    Gloss vehicle wraps: Why paint when you can wrap?

    Change the colour of your car quickly and affordably.

    • Achieve a paint-like, glossy finish for a fraction of the cost, with 3M vehicle wrapping film
    • Choose from a wide range of gloss finishes, from classic gloss white, bolder gloss pink, hot rod red, or gloss burnt orange<
    • Wrapping your car with a combination of colours is a cost-effective way of creating a completely unique look
    • Car wraps are completely removable, meaning you can restore your car to its original colour or try out a different finish from our range whenever you like

    For plenty of car wrap ideas and inspiration, visit our gallery of wrapped vehicles.

  • Paint like finishes: Gloss vehicle wraps

    Perhaps you're the type of person who gets bored easily, who needs to keep the best things in their life new, fresh and exciting. Wrapping your car in a gloss finish can help you fall in love with it all over again, and is a faster and cheaper alternative to a respray. Car wraps are also completely removable. Our network of 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers can guide you through the vehicle wrapping process to ensure you get the car wrap you want. Visit our colour swatches page to see our wide range of car wrap gloss finishes and see how you'd like to transform your car. Once you've made your colour selection, contact one of our 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers for a quote.

    If you'd like a gloss wrap for your car, find a 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper near you for more information.


  • Carbon Fibre Sheet - Get the look without the cost

    Carbon fibre sheets: Get the looks without the cost

    Achieve the impact, texture and visual appearance of real carbon fibre.

    • 3M Car Wrap Film Series 1080 helps you to replicate the look once only seen on super cars
    • Get a bespoke look for your car with a range of partial vehicle wraps, from interior dashboard fascias, to roofs and wing mirrors
    • Carbon Fibre textured material is simple to install and easy to clean

    Carbon fibre sheets: Not just printed patterns

    Yeah, you read that right. This isn't a printed carbon pattern. It's a car wrap film with an embossed finish, resembling true carbon fibre, reflecting light as expected and changing the highlights of the pattern depending on the viewing angle. With a modern, visually-appealing design, our carbon fibre finish is perfect for wrapping interior or exterior car surfaces with a unique look in mind. Check out our colour swatches here before contacting your nearest Authorised Vehicle Wrapper for a quote.

    If you'd like a carbon fibre wrap for your car, find a 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers near you for more information.

  • Photo showing our 3M Car configurator homepage

    Anything but ordinary

    Boldly design a new look for your vehicle in three easy steps.

    Colour change? Simple. Dramatic designs? Not a problem. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colours including carbon fibre, that offer a unique, head-turning look.

    Coloured car wraps are becoming increasingly popular because they can be more cost effective compared to a car re-spray.


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