Vehicle Safety Markings

  • Vehicle Safety Markings

    Safety markings to keep your vehicle visible day and night.

    Vehicles that can be seen are safer. This is especially important for vehicles that travel at high speeds, carry heavy loads or regularly stop on busy roads or high speed motorways. Highly visible vehicle markings are integral to keeping road users safe, a point acknowledged through specific safety regulations, such as ECE104 which became mandatory in 2011.

    Regulation ECE104 applies to newly registered Heavy Goods Vehicles with a mass over 7.5 tonnes and trailers with a mass over 3.5 tonnes operating in Europe. The regulation defines the standard for reflective material that can be used, and where it must be placed on the vehicle.

    It is not just applications for Heavy Goods Vehicles where visible markings are appropriate; 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting is used across multiple vehicle applications from HGVs weighing over 7.5 tonne to emergency service vehicles to highway maintenance vehicles that stop regularly on high speed roads. Highly reflective, with excellent adhesion and resistance to water and dirt ingress, it performs brilliantly across all distances and viewing angles protecting drivers and emergency workers in challenging and often dangerous working conditions.

More lives can be saved

  • While the UK has made regulation ECE104 mandatory, Slovakia, Italy and Romania have also taken the initiative to address the existing fleet on the road.  Italy was the first country in Europe to adopt the regulation in 2006. An evaluation of night-time accidents indicates that the reduction of fatalities in Italy over this period was twice as high as in other West European countries: a 36% reduction in Italy versus an 18% reduction in the rest of West Europe (Source: ERSO-DaCoTa Reports 2012).

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  • For ambulances, police cars and fire trucks, day and night time conspicuity and visibility are critical. The use of highly retro-reflective markings protects emergency workers and their vehicles.

    Diamond Grade DG³ Reflective Sheeting with assured seal is the choice for many fire, ambulance and police forces throughout the UK. Highly reflective and available with a 10 year lifetime warranty, it protects emergency workers and their vehicles.

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  • For any Heavy Good Vehicles over 7.5 tonne manufactured after 2011 it is mandatory to use conspicuity markings on the front, side and back of the lorry. 3M's range of vehicle marking tapes for rigid and curtain sided HGVs and trailers are easy to apply, highly reflective and hard wearing, keeping vehicles and drivers safer on the road.

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  • Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual advises on conspicuity markings for those vehicles regularly stopping on the road for works purposes and other highway duties. 3M's reflective sheeting gives extra protection to staff, the public and vehicles as they work on our roads.

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