Temporary Road Works Signage and Markings

By definition, road works and repairs interfere with normal traffic flows causing unexpected and potentially dangerous conditions. Highly visible and conspicuous guidance day and night is essential to protect drivers and workers alike around road construction zones.

Cars driving through road construction work zones
Ensuring you navigate your way safely through road works.

Solutions to improve safety in road construction zones

  • Vehicles following temporary road works signage and markings

    For these temporary working and driving environments, 3M offers a range of uniquely designed solutions, starting from retroreflective materials applied to traffic signs, bollards, and delineators to reflective road markings.


    The number of road work zone activities and road infrastructure repairs are on the increase and are further complicated by night-time work to reduce the impact on day time traffic congestion.


    Further complexity and confusion is added due to poor lighting and visual clutter, growing traffic volumes, inclement weather, narrow lanes and pedestrian workers operating close to moving vehicles.

Importance of high-performing, visible temporary road works signage and markings

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    Exceptionally durable

    3M offers a full portfolio of 3M™ Stamark™ Removable Tapes to suit each project, from raised pattern constructions to flat tapes - 3M temporary tapes offer a hardwearing optical package and coating, combined with our proven adhesive to ensure long-lasting visibility.

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    Fast and easy to apply and remove

    The ease and speed of application and removal without leaving scar marks, mean that road works can be completed and re-opened much more quickly, reducing the exposure of both workers and drivers to work zone hazards.

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    Early-recognition visibility

    The sooner drivers and pedestrians recognise they are entering a work or construction zone, the safer they and roadworkers can be.


    Work zone conditions can easily compromise the positioning and visibility of traffic control devices. Better, more visible, signs and markings attract the driver’s attention sooner, for earlier comprehension and a more natural, timely driving reaction among other drivers and workers nearby.

Temporary road construction zone on highway

Improve your road construction zone safety today

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Highly visible retroreflective technology can help keep everyone safe.

Given the unique needs of road work zones, highly visible retroreflective technology can help provide positive guidance both day and night. This guidance is critical for the safety of drivers and workers alike. Effective signage, temporary pavement markings, and traffic control devices can provide enhanced visibility and improved safety by alerting motorists to changes in conditions and road work location, change in speed, road configuration and more.

  • Temporary road works signage and markings

    Temporary road signs

    Temporary signing shouldn't mean low quality, so our range of reflective sheeting for temporary applications gives the same high performance reflectivity and brightness as our permanent sheeting. 3M retroreflective sheeting materials help to ensure temporary traffic control devices, such as cones, bollards, delineators, and posts, are more visible and durable making for a safer road works environment.

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  • Temporary road works signage and markings

    Temporary road markings

    Our tapes help drivers navigate safely through the road works zone and maintain reflective visibility in wet and dry conditions, day and night. We also supply black tape to mask out the old lines, meaning that existing road markings can be quickly reinstated.


    The ease and speed of application and removal without leaving scar marks, mean that road works can be completed and re-opened sooner.


    View temporary road marking products

  • Reflective delineation panels

    Delineation Devices

    Whether it’s a construction project or a permanent solution using median barriers or guard rails, you can help ensure drivers can navigate safely with a 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Linear Delineation System.


    This system allows you to put vital roadway information directly in the sightline of drivers, making it easier for them to process and respond to complex or changing roadways.

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Frequently asked questions about temporary road works signage and markings

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions about road construction zones.

  • 3M Temporary marking tapes are usually applied with small, hand operated equipment for workers' safety in the challenging envorionment of workzones. Removal after the end of the workzone is without the need for open fire.

    Detailed descriptions and recommendations can be found in the technical literature.

  • Because they stand out in a visually cluttered environment Traffic safety is hyper-critical in the work zone environment. Construction work zones statistically represent only a small fraction of roadway miles but are the site of an increasing number of roadway accidents with more than 1,000 fatalities occurring each year.¹

    Danger is complicated by the confusion of night time working lights, unusual lane changes and unexpected driving requirements. For these reasons alone, unambiguous signs and directions are essential. Studies indicate that brighter signs can help reduce crashes.²

    Signs that are more visible attract the driver’s attention to recognize and respond to directions. A proper reaction is especially critical for safely moving through an unfamiliar work zone.

    • Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America, Road Construction Hazards Fact Sheet
    • Ripley, D., Howard R. Green Company, ITE AB04H313
  • Temporary traffic zones exist in all types of seasons and all sorts of weather conditions.

    Wet reflective pavement markings remain highly visible in rain and wet road conditions. The retroreflective continuous delineation emphasizes lane shifts in low-visibility conditions.

    Applying wet reflective pavement markings for traffic changeovers can be critical to helping drivers navigate work zones safely — especially during rainy weather.

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