Look to 3M for solutions to your bonding and adhering assembly challenges
Solutions to bonding and assembly challenges!

Across industries, applications, and substrates, 3M offers a wide range of bonding products that make it easy to solve your real-world assembly challenges.

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Applications and Testimonials

Common Bonding and Assembly applications

Solutions for...

  • Bonding


    3M make bonding easy. From metal and metal alloys, through to low surface energy plastics, 3M bonding solutions can bring your designs to life.

    Metal bonding
    Plastic bonding
    Glass bonding
    Powder Coated Metals
    Multi-Material Bonding
    Wood bonding

  • Fastening


    Whether you are reopening and closing an attachment once, or a thousand times, 3M fasteners can provide safe and secure attaching solutions.

    3M™ Dual-Lock™
    3M™ Hook & Loop

  • Sealing

    Fast, easy and clean sealing is achievable with 3M sealing tapes and adhesives.

  • Cleaning

    For the best hold, optimise your surface adhesion with 3M cleaners and primers. Our primers are fit for almost every surface.

  • Masking


    Protect surfaces from dirt, abrasion or any other debris with our clever and comprehensive range of masking tapes. Choose your tape; short or long term application, kind of solvent or select from our temperature range.

  • Protecting


    Whenever a surface or material requires protection, we can offer you a solution with Tapes, Films or Screens.



  • Packaging


    For anything you want to be packed, sealed and carried safely and securely, we'll have a solution to your process.

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