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3M Adhesives and Tapes Solutions for the assembly of Doors and Windows

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From muntin bar installation to window sealing, 3M’s tape and adhesive bonding solutions make window manufacturing applications quick and easy. They provide high-strength, reliable bonds that are resistant to environmental conditions while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Our adhesive and tape solutions make it easier than ever to manufacture frameless windows, so you can meet this growing trend in the architectural market.


When designing doors, you need to ensure that your products don’t just look great but perform to the highest possible standards without risk of deterioration. Efficient, productive applications need adhesives that provide high durability in a cost-effective, easy-to-use manner. 3M’s bonding technology is a high-strength, reliable and affordable alternative to traditional fastening methods or silicones and contact adhesives.

  • Customer testimonial 3M™ VHB™ - Zanetti - W&D
    Customer Success Story: Zanetti
    • With 3M, you can make a long-lasting connection without the need for screws or welding, improve product performance and speed up production without lengthy curing and drying times.
    • Check out our customer testimonial video from Zanetti, Italy.