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Application examples for contemporary glass bonds

  • Glass partition wall systems
  • Glass railing infills in a box profile
  • Bonding of window glass in frames
  • Windshields, e.g. not only waterproof but also elastically bonded to dampen vibrations
  • representation of entrance door on grey background
    Entrance doors - Using 3M™ VHB™ Tape for metal and glass bonding
  •  representation of window munting bars
    Windows - Using 3M™ VHB™ Tape to Attach Window Muntin Bars
  • representation of commercial hvac
    Using 3M™ VHB™ Tape for Commercial HVAC Glass Application

Bonding in glass construction

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an "all-purpose adhesive".

Especially in structural glass construction, it's important to align the requirements for an adhesive system with the intended use.
For example, whether the adhesive joint is to be used for primary load transmission or to compensate for differences in deformation. If the joint is mainly to transfer loads over small areas, an adhesive with high strength and stiffness is required.
If the joint has a statically subordinate role and serves, for example, as an elastic bearing, a high elasticity of the adhesive is again advantageous. In particular, the compensation of different temperature expansions of different joining partners is an area of application for elastic adhesive systems such as SG silicones.

Bonding metal to glass

Adhesives that cure with UV light are ideal for bonding glass fragments that fit together well.

These adhesives need sunlight or the light of a UV lamp to dry. Thick or coloured glass may retain the UV light and cause the adhesive not to adhere as strongly.

Silicone adhesive: Gluing glass to glass without primer

Silicone-based adhesive.

Aquarium adhesives, for example, fall into this category because most silicone adhesives are waterproof (as are some UV adhesives). Silicone-based adhesives require at least several hours to dry and are largely unaffected by weather conditions.

Adhesive tape in window construction

  • Architects and builders want ever thinner frame and window profiles and their easy integration into aesthetically and elegantly looking façades.

    Adhesive tapes are regarded as a fast, simple and proven alternative to mechanical fixings or silicone adhesives. For example, the VHB acrylic foam adhesive tape from 3M - a double-sided adhesive tape made of a closed-cell high-performance acrylate adhesive with high viscoelasticity and enormous bond strength - permanently and securely bonds glass to the substructure made of metal, plastic or wood.

  • Why glue glass elements with adhesive tape?

    • Small frame widths → more transparency
    • Greater design freedom
    • Simplified production processes (prefabricated elements are immediately ready for transport and installation)
    • Bonding is faster and more efficient than with conventional joining methods: no more awkward handling of silicone adhesives for glass, no process times to be observed (e.g. flash-off times of the primer, pot-life and curing time of the adhesive), no re-blocking.
    • Large glass weights possible due to linearly distributed load introduction into the glass (i.e. reduction of the risk of glass breakage due to stress peaks).
    • Better Uf values by dispensing with stiffening of the sash frame
    • Better performance in terms of burglar resistance

    However, it should also be noted that the strengths achievable with adhesive tapes are generally lower than those achievable with liquid adhesives:

    Adhesive type Strength Elongation at break
    Liquid adhesive 1 - 3 MPa > 200 %
    Adhesive tape ~ 0.5 MPa ~ 300 %

Adhesive innovation in timber facade construction

Silicone adhesive is also used in façade construction: with the latest developments, in which Holzforschung Austria (HFA) and other research institutes are involved, façades made of bonded wood-glass composite elements (HGV) could be realised.
For the production of these elements, which are up to 3.60 m in size, circumferential wooden coupling strips were glued to glass panes in the (insulating glass) factory using a special silicone. The prefabricated façade elements then only have to be screwed together on site. The high-performance silicone ensures gentle load application and compensates for tensions.

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    Window bonding with 3M™ VHB™ Tape

    When designing windows, you need to ensure that your products don’t just look great but perform to the highest possible standards without risk of deterioration. Efficient, productive applications need adhesives that provide high durability in a cost-effective, easy-to-use manner.

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