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  • 3M Electrical Cable Terminations

    3M electrical cable terminations feature cold shrink technology, which is engineered for easy installation and long-term performance in the field. Cold shrink was introduced by 3M over 40 years ago and provides faster, easier installation and long-term reliability.

    Our cold shrink terminations offer a reliable sealing solution for medium and high voltage applications, and are simple to install even in confined work areas – helping you save time and money. 3M electrical cable terminations cover a wide range of voltage levels from 6.6 kV to 145 kV,

Researching medium and high voltage accessories? We’ve got you covered.

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Featured Product: 3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III Terminations

  • Reliable
    • Robust high-performance design
    • Simpler installation helps reduce installer errors
    • Integrated design helps ensure installation consistency
    • Living seal provides constant radial pressure
    • Meets or exceeds IEEE48, Cenelec HD 629.1, IEC60502
    • UV resistant, hydrophobic and track-resistant
    • Factory-tested material
  • Efficient
    • Helps minimise installation time in enclosed or contaminated environments
    • Helps improve outage repair and installation time through intuitive and user-friendly products
    • Step core design for easy and simple installation and wide application range
    • Compact configuration with High-K stress control tube
    • Built-in High-K stress controlling compound
    • Built-in environmental top sealing compound
    • Designed to last the life of the cable
    • No tools, torches or other heat sources required

3M Electrical Cable Termination Products

  • 3M offers you two options for choosing a medium voltage (6.6 kV–52 kV) electrical cable termination. The QT-III termination utilises the latest technology with built-in Hi-K stress controlling mastic and environmental sealing mastic resulting in a much more user-friendly application. The QT-II termination offers some of the same advantages as the QTIII termination but without a few of the time-saving features that the QT-III termination possesses. All terminations meet or exceed IEEE48 / Cenelec 629.1 / IEC60502 requirements.

  • High Voltage Terminations
    High Voltage Terminations, 72 kV–145 kV

    3M high voltage terminations (72 kV–145 kV) are designed to provide high reliability and save you time and money. They install quickly and easily, helping to reduce potential installer errors. They require no special tools, adhesives, torches, or other heat sources. Once installed, the cold shrink accessory creates a dynamic, compressive environmental seal and electrical interface without sealants or adhesives.

Video to watch and learn from.

Watch as our experts walk you through common cable accessory installation procedures.

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