About 3M Electrical Construction and Maintenance

  • 3M provides innovative electrical construction and maintenance solutions you can rely on, including wire & cable management, insulating & sealing, locating & marking, cable repair and arc proofing.

Build and repair electrical systems with confidence.

  • Protect valuable assets
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Be confident in long-term performance

Focus products for electrical installation

High quality, proven electrical installation products from 3M

  • Electrical taping is still an essential skill in many areas of installation. 3M has a wide range of tapes that meet most needs

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  • Easy to use with a unique closed mixing and pouring system (CMP). 3M resin kits can be used in only four working steps – from mixing in a two-chamber bag to safely pouring the mix into the one-part mould body.

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  • Thanks to their reliable performance, cold shrink tubes are also used for sealing, padding and mechanical protection. 3M cold shrink tubes provide simple, tool-free installation.

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  • Our cold shrink terminations offer a reliable sealing solution for medium and high voltage applications, and are simple to install even in confined work areas – helping you save time and money. 3M electrical cable terminations cover a wide range of voltage levels from 6.6 kV to 145 kV.

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3M Electrical Solutions News and Events

  • Custom kits for medium voltage joints and terminations – a problem solved!

    3M, in partnership with our distributor Jointing Technologies are pleased to announce a new solution for custom kits for medium voltage joint and terminations. Click the title to learn more.

  • 3M Launches the Qualified Electrical Construction Contractor Programme in the UK

    The Qualified Electrical Construction Contractor Programme (QECC) has been set up as a partnership designed to provide valuable benefits to appointed 3M electrical contractor partners. Click the title to learn more.

  • Scotch® Electrical Tape No. 33 – 75th anniversary

    This year Scotch brand from 3M celebrates 75 years since first releasing its No. 33 Electrical Tape back in 1946, becoming the first tape sold by 3M under the Scotch brand. Click on the title to learn more.

  • Epoxy does not have to mean harmful

    ‘Epoxy’ is often used as a generic term for many adhesives or resins, but epoxies are actually a very specific class of product. Both polyurethane and epoxy resins have been shown to contain carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic chemicals (CMR substances) that can be dangerous to the people who work with them.  To help companies switch, to safer alternative, 3M has developed an epoxy resin that removes the CMR and toxin elements without compromising the performance. Click on the title to learn more.

3M Electrical Solutions News and Events

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