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    Epoxy does not have to mean harmful


    Environmental benefits

    • Environmental benefits

      ‘Epoxy’ is often used as a generic term for many adhesives or resins, but epoxies are actually a very specific class of product. They feature chemistries that are designed to be durable in demanding conditions, including harsh outdoor weather, solvents and other conditions.

      While their use has been widespread for many years, both polyurethane and epoxy resins have been shown to contain carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic chemicals (CMR substances) that can be dangerous to the people who work with them. They contain chemicals that have inherent properties that can cause cancer, alter DNA or damage reproductive systems. For example, the isocyanate hardeners in polyurethane resins are suspected of causing cancer (CMR category 2).

      Because of these dangers such resins are now subject to increasing regulation and legislation, including The CLP Regulation on labelling and packaging, and the REACH Regulation, which provides guidelines and requirements for companies that manufacture or import chemicals.

      Part of this regulation also calls for a switch from some of the most dangerous chemicals to safer alternatives where they exist. To help companies switch, 3M has developed an epoxy resin that removes the CMR and toxin elements without compromising the performance.

      A greener future with 3MTM ScotchcastTM Resin 4 GS Epoxy Resin
      3M Scotchcast 4 GS Epoxy Resin is a CMR-free, non-toxic and water insensitive resin that uses an innovative colour indicator system for mixing control. It’s designed to provide low voltage cable jointing solutions without using CMR-substances.

      It offers low exothermic reaction temperature and a non-toxic formulation, excellent curing in the presence of water and an isocyanate-free formulation.

      The colour indicator system makes it possible for installers to know when the resin is correctly mixed. It comes in a two-part transparent bag with integrated pouring spout, which ensures simple, mess-free application.

      As well as improved environmental benefits, Scotchcast 4 GS Resin offers rapid installation, immediate re-energisation and ease of use. It’s designed to handle high mechanical stress and changing temperatures, making it suitable for applications underwater or underground.

      View 3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin 4 GS.