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    Custom kits for medium voltage joints and terminations – a problem solved!


    Local Kitting for medium voltage

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      3M, in partnership with our distributor Jointing Technologies are pleased to announce a new solution for custom kits for medium voltage joint and terminations.

      3M has developed cable accessories for the industrial market for many years and know from experience that demand for medium voltage joints and termination kits can vary hugely from month to month.
      We specialise in producing high quality, standard products, in high volumes, and have invested heavily in manufacturing facilities and logistic capabilities to ensure that products are readily available from your regular supplier.

      However, the industry also requires customised products which are project-specific, with each project potentially generating different product requirements and specifications. For an organisation such as 3M this kind of demand is a challenge to our existing supply chain, and we aren't equipped to deliver an endless variety of bespoke products in short timeframes.

      It's quite right that users look for the same kind of rapid delivery times for their bespoke solutions as they do for their standard 3M products. They want more products, for more projects, on the shortest lead times possible.

      As highlighted, 3M manufacturing specialities lie in high volume standard production, and it's for this reason we looked to our channel partner Jointing Technologies to offer innovation in the supply chain. Jointing Technologies will provide our full portfolio as well as the standard products and manufacturing tailored solutions to customer demand, on a just-in-time basis. They specialise in supplying bespoke kits and project orientated solutions in their UK based ISO 9001 accredited facility and are experienced in delivering against different specifications in short timeframes.

      We are really pleased to be making this announcement and look forward to making the difference in servicing your product requirements. If you would like to discuss your project needs further, please get in contact with us.

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