Marking to industrial standards

Marking to industrial standards

Cable Marking

In electrical installation the identification and marking of cables is highly important. Correct marking results in better visibility and improves work safety and efficiency in wiring jobs. 3M has various marking products adapted for electrical installers. Easy to use and versatile, the portfolio includes different electrical tapes and the Scotch Code™ dispenser systems for manual wire marking.

  • Applications

    • Coloured marking of cables and wires
    • Earth marking
    • Device identification
    • Manual write -on wire identification

  • Nine fade resistant colours, super stretchy, conformable and excellent insulation properties. Ideal for wire and cable marking

  • General purpose PVC electrical tape, with good electrical and mechanical properties

  • Luminous cloth tape with easy write-on to mark and bundle cables.

  • Compact to fit on your tool pouch or belt, this easy to use marking solution is available pre-loaded with labels, either pre-printed numbers or with colours

  • Refill rolls for the ScotchCode™ STD wire marking dispenser. Made of printed polyester film for durable wire and power line markings. 10 per pack.

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