Connectors for working at heights

Safety connectors, shock absorbing lanyards, self-retracting lifelines and carabiners are the devices which attach your workers to the anchorage point on the structure so that, in the event of a fall, make the link between the anchorage point and the full body harness of the worker. These connectors will deccelerate the fall with a limited impact force on the user's body and finally stop the fall within a specific distance in order to keep the worker safe.

At 3M™ we have been investing in innovation and listening to workers at heights for decades. We manufacture a wide and reliable range of connectors: lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, carabiners and hooks... Contact us for a free consultation.

Connectors for working at height

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Types of connectors for works at heights

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Lanyards and self-retracting lanyards are an essential part of a fall protection system, as they attach your workers’ harnesses to the anchorage point. Discover the complete catalogue of 3M™ connectors suitable for steel and concrete anchorages, roof tops, special surfaces... and much more.

Each type of work at height requires a specific connector. Discover the types of connectors and choose the one best suited to your work. A suitable connection subsystem not only protects your workers’ safety and compliance with regulations, but it also helps you improve their comfort and productivity.

  • Lanyards for work at heights allow the worker’s harness to be attached to an anchorage point. At 3M™ we have developed innovative materials and multiple patents to offer you maximum performance and safety: restraint lanyards, shock absorbing lanyards and work positioning lanyards...

    Prevent the risk of falling.

    With built-in shock absorber to limit the force exerted on the worker in the event of a fall.

    Allow the user to work hands free.

  • This type of connector reduces the fall arrest distance and minimises the risk of tripping: allows high mobility, better manoeuvrability and improved productivity...

    This connector is carried by the worker and connected to their harness, the user can then easily move around the location whilst remaining secured. Personal Self-Retracting Lifelines are usually made of polyester web and are of a limited length (typically up to 2 m), single or twin leg.

    The SRL is connected to an anchorage point on the structure (not carried by the user) and is connected to the users harness at the other end. The worker can move safely along the complete length available. The SRL typically has a cable lifeline and is a longer length (6 m to 50 m).

    In addition to fall arrest capability, these connectors integrate a built-in rescue winch or evacuating feature allowing full versatility of the product for the rescue plan.

  • Sliding lifeline devices are recommended for vertical work. The device slides along the rigid or flexible lifeline, accompanied by the worker. In the case of a fall, the system automatically locks...

    Rail or tensioned wire cable fixed at both extremities, intended for use with a guided type fall arrester.

    Textile rope, or wire cable fixed to an upper anchor point, intended for use with a guided type fall arrester.

  • Discover a comprehensive range of hooks and carabiners for work at heights. Manufactured in steel and aluminium. Safe, easy to use and with many different styles...


Safety connectors for working at height

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At 3M™ we have a connector for your industry and type of work

All the connectors and lanyards can be used in different industries, some are more appropriate than others due to resistance, mechanical properties, length, material, weight, shape.... Whatever your need or industry, at 3M™ we have a connector which will allow your workers to carry out the necessary work at height safely and efficiently.

  • Fall Arrest construction Connecting Elements

    The use of self-retracting lifelines and lanyards which can withstand leading edges is common as well as rescue devices...

  • Mining Industrial connectors

    Shock absorbing lanyards or self-retracting lifelines with twin legs are some of the common connectors used in the mining industry...

  • Industrial Connectors for wind energy
    Wind energy

    We have specific connectors for work on wind turbines as well as specific evacuation and rescue equipment...

  • Fall arrest systems and connectors for transportation

    Maintenance jobs in transport structures require easy to use and resistant connectors...

  • Elements and connectors from anchorage to fall arrest system in oil and gas
    Oil and gas

    We offer sealed self-retracting lifelines which are best suited to the harsh environments of the Oil and Gas sector...

  • Connecting ropes and elements fot telecoms and utilities
    Telecommunications and Utilities

    Typically twin-leg connectors are recommended to ensure vertical mobility on the poles...

  • Fall protection in industrial maintenance activities
    Industrial Maintenance

    Portable and versatile lanyards, suitable for various industrial maintenance jobs, such as work at heights with leading edges...

  • Connectors and anti-fall slings in paharmaceutical and chemical industry
    Pharmaceuticals and Chemical

    Connectors suitable for work in confined spaces such as tanks or reactors. Easy to use, resistant and versatile connectors are usually chosen...

Comprehensive technical support throughout the stages of your project

As well as manufacturing a wide range of reliable connectors, we and our network partners can offer you comprehensive technical support for these and the complete range of Fall Protection products and services

Questions and answers about safety connectors

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  • Should you choose a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline?

    Do you have any queries on whether to choose an energy absorbing lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline? Below is some brief information to help you choose the type of connector that is best suited to the activity your workers carry out.


    • Work environments with non-aggressive atmospheres
      All of our lanyards are manufactured from strong, durable webbing.
    • Fall clearance distances of minimum 6.75 meters
      There should be enough free space in the fall distance to avoid hitting an object or the floor.


    • When a longer length is needed or when the environment requires a cable lifeline rather than a web lifeline
      High temperatures, corrosive materials, harsh environments. The metalic cable or Kevlar®/Nomex® web of self-retracting lifelines offer high durability and additional reliability.
    • Reduced fall clearance
      Permanent lifeline tension of the self-retracting lifeline will allow shorter fall arrest distance than a shock absorbing lanyard.

  • 1 Single leg: When the connector has only one lanyard. The user will be secured all along the lanyard length but will not be able to change location (i.e. move from one anchorage to another) if there is a risk of falling.

    2 Twin legs: When the connector has two lanyard. The user will be able to change location (i.e. move from one anchorage to another) with their connector whilst being always secured by at least one lanyard. This is sometimes referred to as '100% tie off'.

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