Engineering and consulting: experts in fall arrest systems for work at heights

Our mission is to help you create fall protection solutions and safe working at height environments that keep your workforce safe and comply with current regulations. To do this, we have a highly experienced and professional team of engineers and technical consultants across the region and internationally.

Our team and network partners will be happy to advise and assist you in each phase of your project: Risk identification, site survey, design of fall arrest installations, personal protecive equipment (PPE) selection, fall arrest systems, lifelines, on-site assistance, installation and assembly, equipment revisions, inspections and system certification, training, raising awareness, and much more.

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Consulting and engineering in working at heights

Maximum safety for
your projects

We can advise you

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Maximum safety for
your projects

We can advise you

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In addition to manufacturing an extensive range of reliable PPE and fall arrest systems, we want to guarantee a comprehensive technical support throughout all the phases of your working at height safety project: We take care of everything, from start to end. 3M and our network of partners can help you deliver the correct solution.

  • Site survey, Technical report, Solutions recomendation..

  • Technical office, CAD Drawing, BoQ (Bill of Quantities)...

  • Standards and certifications, Fall arrest systems, Life lines, Anchors, Other products...

  • On-site assistance, Trained installations network, Demonstration...

  • Regular inspections, System inspection and maintenance...

  • Working at height, Rescue, Confined spaces, Awareness, Customised courses...

Assistance for work at height

Engineers and Technical Consultants

3M™ experts design fall-protection installations to suit your needs

Contact our fall arrest systems and installations experts

Each work at height application is different, and as such, each fall arrest installation requires specific analysis by fall protection experts. At 3M™ we advise you throughout the entire process: from height safety awareness to risk identification, execution and fall protection procedures.

Risk Identification

Site Survey | Technical Report | Solutions Recomendation

Before carrying out any project, it is important to carry out an environmental analysis and prepare a detailed technical report that evaluates the tasks performed by your workers and the fall risk areas that exist.

  • Technical advice and consultancy on regulations

    Risk assessment: We audit the different types of work at height that your employees perform (work on roofs or decks, platforms, confined spaces, stairs, facades, etc.).

    Consultancy on regulations and certifications: We can answer your questions regarding UNE protection regulations and equipment certification.

    Technical study: We will prepare a detailed technical report defining the collective and individual protection measures that should be implemented in your fall arrest system installation to support the safety of working at height.

  • We can travel to your facilities!
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    A fall protection plan is an essential safety component whenever working at height.

    • We can visit your facilities
    • We can give you expert advice
    • We will provide the best solutions

Fall Protection System Installation Design | On-Site Technical Office

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Technical Office | CAD Drawing | BoQ (Bill of Quantities)

3M and our network of partners; designers, planners, engineers, architects and prevention of occupational hazards technicians... design the best collective and individual protective solution for your industry and project. They base the design on the fall protection consult, the technical study, the customer requirements and the required European standards and regulations.

  • Technical office for fall arrest consulting
    • Static anchor point tests, and non-destructive tests on structural elements. This allows us to confirm that the structure will withstand the strain associated with one or more falls
    • Compliance with manufacturers' requirements for PPE, access and rescue systems, anchor points, lifelines, connectors, platforms or scaffolding.
    • Technical report of your project and installation and periodically review the assemblies.
  • Fall arrest design and cad drawing

    The mission of the technical office is to protect the safety of your workers and that the systems and installations comply with the standards:

    Vertical and horizontal lifelines, temporary and permanent anchors, access systems to confined spaces...

    We want to offer you the best fall protection consultation and solutions.

Personal Protection Equipment Selection

Contact the technical team

Standards and Certifications | Fall Arrest Systems | PPE

Not only do we manufacture an expansive range of PPE and fall arrest devices for work at heights; we also offer you advice and a global solution that adapts to your needs and project.

Our extensive line of 3M™ DBI-SALA® and 3M™ Protecta® fall protection products and equipment all meet or exceed the world's most rigorous standards and codes including ANSI, OSHA, CSA, and CE UNE, as well as the European, local and state codes to give you maximum freedom and confidence. The sky´s the limit!

  • We help you to find the most suitable type of anchor according to your needs: fixed, mobile, for concrete, for steel beams...

  • Designed with the highest technology. They provide freedom of movement and flexibility to work in a safer and comfortable way...

  • We offer a wide range of restraint lanyards, energy-absorbing lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, positioning lanyards, and more...

  • Choose from our extensive selection of lifelines: horizontal, flexible, rigid, vertical, temporary, permanent...

  • A complete range of equipment for rescue and evacuation operations...

  • A wide range of equipment for horizontal or vertical access, confined space work, rescue...

  • Attachment systems for accessories, helmets, tools, communication equipment, etc

  • We configure systems, kits and sets of PPEs for your workers...

Installation and Assembly of Fall Arrest Systems

On-site Assistance | Trained Installations Network | Demonstration

Decades of dedication and work with clients from all over the world, in all types of sectors and industries has enabled us to build a network of partners and professionals. These professionals have the highest level of experience, commitment and dedication in the industry. We want to provide you with the utmost performance, profitability and professionalism when it comes to fall from height prevention!

  • Turnkey services: EPC or EPCM contract (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management)

    • Risk identification, technical study and preventive assessment
    • Facilities design and process planning
    • Selection and supply of PPE and fall arrest systems
    • Installation, assembly, test verification
    • Inspection and equipment check
    • Standards regulatory documentation
    • Equipment maintenance
  • A turnkey contract does not only have to be for construction, assembly or installation of protection systems.

    We also offer auxiliary services aimed at ensuring the safety of all your workers at height or confined spaces, so that your company complies with current regulations.

    Do you need to install permanent fall arrest systems such as fixed anchors points, lifelines, anchor rails, etc.?

    We can help you take care of everything! From beginning to end.

    Contact the experts!

Periodic Inspection and Equipment Check

Request a visit to your facility

Regular Inspections | System Inspection and Maintenance

We offer superior maintenance and repair services for all your 3M™ DBI-SALA® and 3M™ Protecta® fall protection and rescue equipment. We also have a network of partners and professionals that can help you to carry out your annual inspections of PPE and fall arrest systems.

  • Fall arrest systems engineering ppe
    Regular PPE and fall arrest systems inspection

    In addition to the visual check carried out before and after use. Equipment and systems must be checked and inspected by a competent person at least once a year.

    Equipment documentation, wear, torque tension, oxidation or reduction in thickness must be checked in the fall protection audit.

    • Annual competent person checks
    • RFID tagged products
  • Fall arrest system engineers
    Maintenance and repair

    Professional maintenance and equipment repair are a key part of fall protection. Equipment that is worn, broken, or exceeds recommended maintenance thresholds increases the risk for both workers and bystanders.

    Only 3M™ certified service centres can guarantee the safety and good condition of 3M fall protection equipment upon inspection.

    • Certification
    • Maintenance and repair service

    Request a visit to your facility

  • What is the repair price?
    For 3M in-house service centre repair sites through our Authorized Distributors, a flat rate program is used to expedite the process and get the product(s) back into your hands quickly. Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our Authorized Distributors for pricing and program details. For repairs at one of our Authorized Service Centres, you will normally receive a work order listing the repairs needed, plus estimated costs and timeframes.
  • For 3M in-house service centre repair sites, the typical response time is only three business days for a maximum of 12 units (larger quantities may require additional time). The length of the repair at our Authorised Service Centres varies depending on staff availability and workload. Please contact our technicians for further details.

Technical Training

We are happy to advise you without obligation

Work at Height | Rescue | Confined Spaces | Customized Courses | Awareness Raising

We offer many different types working at height training. In addition to on-site and online courses, our certified instructors also carry out personalised training, practical demonstrations and awareness-raising activities.

Contact us! We have the working at height course you're looking for.

  • In person certified training in accredited facilities with specialised instructors or trainers.

  • Working at heights online courses. Free webinars on fall protection and confined spaces.

  • We'll go wherever you are! We carry in our van fall arrest equipment, tools, materials etc…

  • Don't know what training or certifications your employees need? We’ll help you create your action plan.

Fall arrest systems adapted to your industry

Each sector or industry requires a specific fall arrest system installation. When it comes to advising, designing, installing and implementing a fall arrest system, having experienced professionals who know the peculiarities of the structures and regulations, makes all the difference.

Have a look at the main industries where for decades 3M™ has developed fall protection solutions. We provide a comprehensive consulting service to maximise the safety and productivity of your workers at height.

We encourage you to contact us and tell us about your fall arrest installation so we can help you.

  • Safety engineering for work at height at construction

    We have experience in construction and structure repair: emblematic buildings such as the Museo del Prado or the Sagrada Familia...

  • Audit of fall arrest systems in mining

    We offer the highest safety in mining operations, offering you fall protection consulting that allows you to carry out your activities efficiently and productively...

  • Consultants of works at height in wind energy
    Wind energy

    We have 3M™ engineers specialised in the wind sector that can advise on fall protection solutions. Including access, rescue and evacuation from wind turbines in a safe and prompt way...

  • Aircraft fall arrest consultancy

    After decades of working with automotive and aircraft manufacturers, we know first-hand the main fall hazards and the best solutions and the ones to avoid...

  • Audit of fall protection installations in oil and gas
    Oil and gas

    We provide safety consultancy for work at heights on oil platforms, refineries, loading bays, distillation towers and other specific structures...

  • Safety installations against falls at utilities and telecoms
    Utilities and Telecommunications

    We advise on fall arrest systems for the construction and repair of high voltage lines and public buildings such as bridges and highways...

  • Fall protection in industrial maintenance activities
    Industrial Maintenance

    We can help you design the type of installation that best suits your workers, regardless of the type of maintenance work, on machinery or industrial equipment...

  • Audit of EPIS in fall arrest installations of pharmacy and chemical industry
    Pharmaceuticals and Chemical

    3M™ experts in confined spaces will recommend the best fall arrest solutions for structures such as tanks, reactors, columns, piping lines, etc...

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Leave us a message and our team of fall prevention and working at heights technicians will contact you as soon as possible. They will answer your questions, pay you a visit, give you advice, provide you with a demonstration or whatever you need!

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