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3M™ Protecta® Manustop Positioning Lanyard

Fall arrest systems and equipment for working at heights

3M offers everything you need for working at heights. Discover an extensive range of reliable, comfortable, innovative and high quality fall arrest equipment and solutions; anchorages, harnesses, connectors, rescue and evacuation equipment, temporary and permanent vertical and horizontal lifeline systems, confined space equipment, professional training services and more.

Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive solution. That’s why we have a team of specialist application engineers who can advise on risk assessment, project development and the most suitable working at height solution for your needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

PPE for work at height
3M™ Fall Protection brands, DBI-SALA® and Protecta®
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At 3M we combine technical innovation and expertise with a passion for manufacturing the highest quality products. 3M™ Fall Protection elevates worker safety to new heights with the proven and trusted DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands of fall protection equipment and solutions. These solutions include innovative harnesses, lanyards, anchors, horizontal lifelines, access systems, rescue and evacuation equipment, confined space solutions, all PPE or personal protective equipment needed for personal fall arrest protection and much more!

We meet the world's most rigorous standards and codes including CE and ANSI, giving you maximum freedom and confidence. The sky’s the limit!

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Products and solutions to improve working at heights performance

3M and Capital Safety, two industry leaders in personal protective equipment and personal fall protection, have merged to provide you with high-performance solutions. Now 3M™ is better equipped than ever to offer you the technology and products that improve worker safety, productivity and comfort through the DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands.

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    3M™ DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands

    3M™ DBI-SALA®: For over 75 years, at-height workers around the world have trusted DBI-SALA® products to help them get the job done well and to get home safely. Today, 3M Fall Protection carries on that proud tradition, delivering premium quality DBI-SALA® fall protection solutions that enable workers to do their best work safely and comfortably.

    3M™ Protecta®: Every at-height worker deserves to be safe, no matter the size or nature of the job. That’s why Protecta® has become the go-to choice for safety managers looking for reliable fall protection solutions that comply with safety regulations and help their workers get the job done. Now, as a part of a global and trusted brand in safety, 3M™ Protecta® Fall Protection solutions are the industry’s choice for no-frills fall protection that’s practical and reliable and complies with industry requirements.

Integrated fall arrest systems for your field or industry

Do you have questions about how or where to install your fall arrest system? Are you unsure if your equipment complies with regulations? Our team of professionals can help you develop a comprehensive plan for working at heights, descending and/or rescuing.

Our team of professionals work every day designing, evaluating and auditing facilities in your industry: Wind power, construction, mining, oil and gas, chemical industry, laboratories or large pharmaceutical, transport and logistics centres, telecommunications, roof systems, industrial maintenance, maintenance of buildings and facades, electricity, utilities and facilities, inspection tasks, etc... We also undertake a broad range of special projects such as tourist and leisure attractions, military infrastructure and cultural heritage facilities.

  • Fall arrest systems against falls
    • IDENTIFY RISKS: We help you identify work areas that are not properly protected.
    • PREVENTIVE AUDIT: We evaluate, through on-site visits, whether your facilities or installations comply with regulations and legislation.
    • CUSTOM FACILITIES DESIGN: We provide advice on the design of safer work areas
    • SELECTION OF PPE, EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS: We help you identify which equipment best suits your installation, application or field.
    • INSTALLATIONS AND ASSEMBLY: We help you ensure your equipment complies with regulatory demands.
    • COURSES AND TRAINING: We can train your workers for many different work at height scenarios including rescue procedures, PPE inspection and more.

How to choose Fall arrest systems

Not sure which fall arrest system you need?

Our working at height experts are here to help you.

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Not sure which fall arrest system you need?

Our working at height experts are here to help you.

Ask an Expert

We’ve been working in your industry for decades

  • Fall arrest systems for works in construction height

    PPE, fall arrest systems, lifelines, etc. Everything you need for your construction project...

  • Fall arrest systems in the mining sector

    Safety equipment for high risk environments...

  • Fall arrest systems for wind sector
    Wind energy

    Fall arrest systems for wind turbines, including; lifelines, anchors, rescue and evacuation equipment, and more...

  • Fall arrest systems in the transport industry

    PPE and working at height solutions for distribution centres, airports, transport docks, loading and unloading of railways or trucks, and more...

  • Fall arrest systems in oil and gas industry
    Oil and gas

    Access and rescue solutions with specifically developed and integrated technology for the Oil & Gas field....

  • Fall arrest systems in civil industry and telecomms
    Utilities and Telecoms

    Vertical fall arrest systems for telecommunication towers, versatile and sturdy equipment suitable for confined spaces...

  • Fall protection in industrial maintenance activities
    Industrial Maintenance

    PPE and access equipment to hazardous areas in industrial maintenance, etc...

  • Fall protection products for professionals
    Chemical and Pharmaceutical

    Special equipment is needed to work in industries in which the products can degrade protective materials...

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