Courses and training for working at height, rescue, confined spaces...

Working at height courses, evacuation and rescue, confined spaces and more. The training that best suits you and your workers! In addition to 3M Safety Training Centres, we can also offer on-site training at a location to suit you; our certified instructors can provide personalised working at height training and workplace awareness. Practical demonstrations can also be given by our fall protection specialists and purpose-built demo van. Contact us! We have the training you're looking for. We have been providing prevention of occupational hazard training in your sector for decades and helping professionals around the world to prevent risky situations involving falling from heights.

fall arrest demonstrations in your workplace

Which training suits you best? We can advise you!

Each type of work at height and application may require a specific level of training.

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Working at height training and confined spaces courses

3M Safety Training provide a wide variety of specialist working at height training from our world-class regional training facilities. Courses include vertical or suspended work, rescue techniques, confined spaces, PPE usage, regulation compliance and much more. We can also offer customised and specialised courses adapted to your work at height operations.
We deliver personalised and specific courses appropriate for your company and workers. Contact us! We will advise you without obligation.

  • In person certified training in accredited facilities and with specialised instructors.Click the link to explore our courses at our UK training facility.

  • Working at heights online courses. Free webinars on fall protection and confined spaces.

  • We'll go wherever you are! We carry in our van a broad range of fall arrest equipment so we can offer you product demonstrations.

  • Don't know what training or certifications your employees need? We’ll help you create your action plan.

Experts in working at height training

Experts in working at height training

Each work at height scenario is different. We can advise you!


Why should you train your workers exposed to working at height ?

  • Working at heights can be defined as work taking place where, if precautions were not taken, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. Any employee who works at heights (scaffolding, decks, wind towers, poles, elevating platforms, roofs, stairs, constructions, suspended vertical work, in confined spaces, logistics centres or transportation facilities, etc.) should be fully aware of the risks involved.

    Employee practical height training is a mandatory and fundamental preventive measure to avoid serious accidents. Occupational risk prevention regulations indicate that employees should be selected with the appropriate experience and training for work at heights procedures. These workers need to act appropriately, informing, evaluating, preventing and addressing any scenarios that could result in a fall from a height.

  • Who should attend our working at height, rescue and confined spaces courses?

    3M's working at height training courses are aimed at any company carrying out work at heights; self-employed professionals, workers and operators. All of our courses are taught by highly qualified instructors and certified by 3M™. Our working at height training combines theoretical classes and practical sessions to apply the acquired knowledge to real situations of work at heights, confined space or rescue.

    An expert in training at heights will contact you. We can advise you on the applicable course or work with you to create a bespoke solution.

  • Training centers 3M -working at heights training near me
    Our Training Centres

    6 students per trainer*,

    + 150 companies per year.

    6 students per trainer*,

    + 150 companies per year.

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Our featured courses...

Ask about our courses

Below you'll find our outstanding working at height training courses, as well as confined spaces and rescue courses. All of our courses are face-to-face and delivered by 3M™ instructors. At the end of the course, you will be given an accreditation certificate.

  • Designed to provide wind industry personnel, with the basic skills that will enable them to work safely at height and respond effectively to emergencies.

    • Personnel working in either the onshore or offshore wind sectors.
    • 2 Full days (16 hours) both theoretical and practical
    • Ratio: 4 students to 1 instructor
    • Accreditation certificate
  • This course will provide a solid foundation for those who are new to the telecommunications industry and introduces prospective climbers to work on communications masts and towers.

    • People who wish to re-certificate in basic tower climber and rescue.
    • 1 Full day (8 hours) both theoretical and practical
    • Ratio: 6 students to 1 instructor
    • Accreditation certificate

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  • The training covers the essential legislation, working practices and safety requirements for safe entry to a confined space where the risk assessment has classified the space as low risk.

    • Workers who are required to access confined spaces classified as low risk
    • 1 Full day (8 hours) both theoretical and practical
    • Ratio: 6 students to 1 instructor
    • Accreditation certificate

Free Working at Height webinars

Free webinars and working at heights online courses | Confined spaces | Rescue

  • 3M webinars on fall prevention, confined spaces and rescue are an additional training resource we would encourage you to utilise. 3M™ understand the importance of working at height training and for this reason we organise free webinars. The aim is to train and raise awareness on the importance of safety in working at heights and other areas. Under 3M Science of Safety concept, we seek to provide additional training to all those interested with the latest practical advice, regulations, news and experience from leading industry experts.


    Online webinars are not a substitute for on-site training, but rather a complementary addition.

  • Technicians in occupational risk prevention and other professionals in the sector who work with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), have an obligation to provide the most appropriate equipment to their workers depending on the risks involved as well as the necessary training to use them.

    All our webinars are free.
    What do they entail?

    • 1h duration: 45 minutes of presentation + 15 minutes of questions
    • Informative material
    • Discussion with experts

Demonstrations and awareness

Let us help you!

We can take our PPE and fall arrest demo van to wherever you are

We take with us everything we need to carry out practical activities that promote safety awareness and risk prevention. Each work environment and company are different, so we adapt to your working at height needs.

  • Demonstrations on 3M Fall Arrest Solutions - on site training near me  - fall protection training video

    What Does the Demo include?

    • Fall arrest tests: Displays the forces exerted on the worker when subjected to  a fall from height.
      *Subject to availability
    • Equipment Inspection: Become familiar with 3M™ fall protection equipment.
    • Rescue: Different rescue techniques available depending on the work environment.
    • Confined Spaces: Hands-on demonstrations showing the correct use of tripods and winch applications.
    • Fall protection for tools: Product demonstrations designed to prevent tools from falling.

      *Subject to availability

Working at height training

Let us help you!

Don't know what working at height training or certifications your employees need? We can help you!

3M™ offers its clients a personalised consultation with first-class experts in fall prevention in work at heights, rescue and confined spaces. Discover our comprehensive working at height training programme! We want to help you protect your company and workers.

Training is a synonym for safety
Falls from heights cause death and serious injury in the workplace. With 3M™ safety training, you'll have all the expert help you need to develop and implement comprehensive risk management programs, inspection and service solutions, as well as address any other fall protection or PPE queries you may have.

  • Safety training for work at height - Confined Space & Entry Training Requirements

    We help you protect your workers

  • Certifications and training for working at height

    We help you protect your business

  • Training of works in height price - Online Courses

    We help you make the most of your investment

Specialist Trainers - any sector or industry

Let us help you!

Our team of specialists can help you develop a comprehensive training plan for risk prevention in work at height, descent and rescue: We train, in the following sectors every day

  • Courses of works in height for the construction. fall PPE (travel restraint, fall restricting, fall arrest systems), anchor points, work access, equipment and platforms, rescue planning...
    Construction - Courses for working at heights and verticals

    For construction workers and installers. For workers on metal platforms, scaffolding, ladders, rigs, etc.

  • Training of works in height in mines - fall prevention - Working at height in underground mines
    Mining - Technical Training in Fall Prevention

    We offer technical courses focused on fall prevention for high risk environments such as mining.

  • Courses of work in wind turbines. PPE, regulations, requirements, installation of systems, evacuation techniques, rescue plan.
    Wind energy - Wind turbine working at height training

    Technical courses for wind turbine operators. PPE, regulations, installation of systems, evacuation techniques, rescue.

  • Courses of works in height - Railway or truck loading, handling and maintenance of airplanes, port services, Aviation, Transportation, and Logistics
    Transport - Working at height training for logistic centres

    Railway or truck loading, handling and maintenance of airplanes, port services.

  • Fall protection courses, Workshops at heights for oil rigs, oil platform workers, refineries, fuel gas distribution networks, gas pipelines, etc.
    Oil and gas - Technical working at height training

    For oil platform workers, refineries, fuel gas distribution networks, gas pipelines, etc.

  • Courses of works in height in civil sector
    Utilities and Telecommunications - Working at height training

    Training courses for workers at height in telecommunication towers, dams, bridges, building rehabilitation, height pruning, etc.

  • Fall protection training in industrial maintenance activities. Courses near me - Technician certificate
    Industrial Maintenance - Courses for workers at height

    Courses for workers in confined spaces, chimneys, decks, forklifts, maintenance tasks, etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemical - Training courses for work at heights and confined spaces - Risk prevention and how to protect yourself from chemical oils and vapours.
    Pharmaceuticals and Chemical - Training courses for work at heights and confined spaces

    Risk prevention and how to protect yourself from chemical oils and vapours.

Certifications and Regulations

We help companies address their challenges and comply with regulations.

fall arrest courses given by experts. Fall protection training classes

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