Product Applications in Metalworking

Applications where 3M will help improve your metalworking production.

  • Attaching


    Built to last attaching power! From enhancing the appearance to improving performance, usability and faster assembly times, 3M’s attaching solutions can help you bring a higher quality, more competitive product to market.

  • Bonding


    From enhancing the appearance to improving performance, usability and faster assembly times, 3M’s bonding solutions can help you bring a higher quality, more competitive product to market.

  • Damping


    Silence is the sound of quality. If vibrations damping and noise control are important to your product's performance, then it is time to evaluate 3M Acoustic Solutions.

  • Deburring/Radiusing

    Remove burrs and sharp edges that linger on metal parts after punching, cutting, and machining. 3M offers a wide range of deburring abrasives – ensuring no burr gets left behind.

    Deburring Products

  • Fastening


    Rethink your design and lose the screws. 3M’s fastening solutions are strong, yet easily removable, that can replace screws, bolts and rivets in your designs.

  • Coating Appearance, Polishing and Finishing

    Smooth metal surfaces while keeping part geometry intact. Striking a balance between strength and finesse, 3M offers a versatile set of metal finishing abrasive products and advanced ceramics to help you blend, prep and perfect.

    Finishing Products

  • Grinding, Bevelling, Gouging

    Remove metal and welds fast. Shape parts to meet project requirements. 3M offers a range of solutions, including blasting nozzles, grinding wheels and discs, to meet your metalworking demands – and get your parts into shape.

    Grinding Products

    Field Guide: Abrasives for Right Angle Tools (PDF, 1,73MB)

  • Hand Sanding

    Hand Sanding

    From utility sanding and surface preparation to everyday maintenance – sometimes, power tools can’t access hard-to-reach surface areas. Conformable and responsive, 3M abrasives, sheets and hand pads provide solutions for your tightest corners.

  • Powertool Sanding

    Powertool Sanding

    From weld removal to touch-up finishing, powertool sanding relies on the strength and finesse of tools to drive results. 3M offers a range of tools and abrasives, like right-angle grinders and inline sanders, designed to deliver at every metalworking stage.

  • Precision Grinding

    From grinding-to-dimension all the way to superfinishing – 3M provides innovative solutions of Superabrasives, Conventional, Dressing Rollers and Precision Grinding Machines designed to meet today´s tough processing challenges in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, cutting tools, primary metal, glass and other industries.

  • Metal Cleaning

    For the best final product, get a clean start. 3M’s abrasive solutions make your work fast and efficient, removing unwanted layers from the metal without damaging the underlying surface.

  • Cutting

    Getting a clean cut on pipe or sheet metal can be tricky. 3M products make cutting and slicing fast and more precise, even performing metal plate dimensioning with ease.

  • Seam Removal & Surface Blending

    Keep your welds strong and your end product smooth. We have the products you need to make weld preparation, beveling, removal and edge grinding and dimensioning easier, cleaner and more efficient.

    Click here for more information on Seam Removal & Surface Blending

  • Protecting Metalworkers

    Protect your metalworkers’ eyes, ears and lungs with the latest advances in worker safety products. High-quality, comfortable and cost-efficient, our protection gear is supported by exceptional technical expertise and customer service.

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