Metalworker using 3M abrasives for grinding

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3M Metalworking and Abrasive Webinars are aimed at professionals who would like to learn how 3M can help drive productivity, finish quality and safety improvements in processes including sanding, grinding, cutting, deburring, finishing and many more.

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  • If you work in the metalworking industry these videos are a must see.

    You can learn about Stock Removal and Weld Preparation which are vital in many manufacturing processes.

    Beside that you can hear about how you can mitigate safety hazards that are related to abrasive applications.

  • Random orbital sanding is all about putting together the optimal system. For top performance, it’s essential to choose the right sanding disc, match it with the correct backup pad, and combine them with a high-quality compatible sander.

    Select this category to find out more about sanding processes and how these can be automated.

  • We have solutions to boost the efficiency and precision of your grinding operations. Whether you manufacture turbines, gears or bearings, 3M grinding wheels help you turn out higher-quality parts – faster.

    Choose this category to learn more about 3M's precision solutions.

  • Learn how to assess and implement the ideal combination of abrasives, robotic tooling and compliance to achieve an automated material removal process that drives business forward.

    Resulting in safer, more efficient and higher quality results.

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