Using Abrasives. Workplace safety posters

Using Abrasives - Workplace Health and Safety Posters

Workplace Health & Safety Posters

  • All businesses need to give careful consideration to health and safety in the workplace; keeping employees informed is critical and work posters are a great way to do this.

    Download for FREE our abrasive health and safety posters, which can help you create a safe workplace environment for your workforce, links below.


  • Picture of 3M Safety Hazard poster

    Using Abrasives. Hazards in the workplace

    Recognise the signs of hazards in the workplace and learn how you can take action to minimise or mitigate them. Find out more

    Download 'Hazards in the workplace' poster


  • Picture of 3M Best practice & safe use of abrasives poster

    Using Abrasives. Safe use and best practice

    Stay up to speed on abrasive safety. Download our poster to find out about abrasive safety, safety symbols and the method S-C-A-R-T

    Download 'Safe use and best practice' poster


  • Picture of 3M PPE poster

    Using Abrasives. PPE Guide

    Even when engineering controls and safety systems are in place, personal protection equipment is still necessary while using abrasives to help reduce risks and prevent injuries.

    Download 'PPE Guide' poster


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