Automated belt polishing

Find the right robotic system integrator using our checklist.

Before you can automate an abrasive process, you must be able to communicate your outcome requirements to a system integrator. Below is a checklist that will help you prepare for a conversation with a system integrator. If you want advice on any of these items, contact a 3M robotics expert to discuss.

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    I know which part I want to automate.

    Before you consider automation, you need to identify which part to prioritize for automation. Incoming part shape, weight and complexity are among the most important parameters a system integrator accounts for when designing a robotic cell.

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    I know the full set of process steps for my part.

    Robots are good at performing simple tasks. Work with your operators to determine which steps in your grinding and finishing processes have a lot of variability and which are simple and repeatable.

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    I know what application needs to be done.

    A system integrator will create a robotic cell that’s tailored to the application being performed. Just like in a manual operation, automated deburring will leverage different abrasives and techniques from automated weld grinding.

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    I know what a good outcome looks like.

    A system integrator will need a clear, objective target for the robotic process to meet. You and your operators will need to have the same measurable definition of a good outcome.

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    I know my current cycle time.

    Increased production is one of the main benefits of automation. By knowing your current cycle time per part, a system integrator can set a target for improvement and help ensure that you realize the benefits of automation.

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