Workplace injuries: what is your strategy?

Workplace Injury Hazards

Injury prevention in the workplace

A grinding wheel or disc may routinely operate at 10,000rpm; its edge travelling at speeds of up to 180mph. Contact with hot or moving parts can cause cuts, burns, eye and other injuries in the workplace. Abrasive tools can also eject material at high speeds, creating hazards for workers.

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    Injury prevention

    Wherever possible, machines should be fitted with guards to protect employees. Abrasive products should be inspected to ensure they are suitable and safe for use, they must only be used with compatible machines and be installed according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

    Even when other control mechanisms are in place, tasks that require operators to work with and in close proximity to abrasive operations, require the use of appropriate PPE to prevent injury.


  • How 3M can help with workplace injury hazards

    3M abrasive products are engineered and manufactured to the highest safety standards, giving you the confidence that they will work reliably and safely if properly installed, operated and maintained. 3M™ Cubitron II™ abrasives last longer long than competitive products, this means less frequent tool changes and handling and fewer opportunities for mounting errors. They cut faster with less operator pressure, helping to reduce operator fatigue and 'trigger time' making jobs safer and easier to do.

Cubitron™ II abrasives products

3M™ Personal Protective Equipment

Injury hazards resources:

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    Abrasives Health and Safety eBook

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  • Abrasive Safety - Short Form Guide

    Download our abrasive safety short form guide that provides an overview of how our 3M™ Cubitron™ II Fibre Disc 982C can help mitigate risk in the workplace.

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    Using Abrasives Safety Posters

    Keep your workers up to speed on safety with our informative posters

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  • Abrasive Safety Assessment Guide
    Abrasive Safety Assessment Guide

    Download our abrasive safety assessment guide today for insights on how 3M™ Cubitron™ II hand-held abrasives could help reduce exposure to the risks from hand-arm vibration, airborne particles and noise.

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  • Case Study
    Bombardier Case Study

    Learn how 3M is helping to deliver safety and productivity at Bombardier

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Workplace Hazards

  • The use of hand-held abrasive tools, or bench-mounted tools and hand-held workpieces can expose the operator to vibration and can lead to harmful conditions.

    Minimise the risks by using the right abrasives that finish demanding tasks faster, with less pressure.

    Hand-Arm Vibration

  • Dust exposure from abrasive processes can trigger inflammation, allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

    Find out how 3M™ Cubitron™ II technology can help reduce exposure to airborne dust.

    Dust and respiratory issues

  • The selection of abrasive tools, products and systems have a significant impact on the noise generated when operating tools.

    Switching abrasive products can be one way to help reduce abrasive noise levels.

    Noise protection

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