Cold Shrink Cable Accessories: Medium Voltage (MV) and High Voltage (HV)

For over 60 years, professional electrical workers have trusted 3M for innovative solutions that enhance safety and productivity.

That’s why we invented Cold Shrink technology: a revolutionary alternative to traditional heat shrink cable joints and terminations that can be installed fast and easily, without the need for special equipment or permits.

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Performance, Installation and Supply you can trust.

3M™ Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Accessories.

The Cold Shrink Revolution

With faster, easier installation, and the long-term reliability provided by superior environmental sealing, 3M™ Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Accessories can help you achieve improved efficiency and performance, as well as significant cost savings.

Read on to learn more about the proven benefits of Cold Shrink technology from the people who invented it.

  • Easy installation and reliable performance to terminate indoor and outdoor medium voltage cable.

    3M™ Cold Shrink QT-II and QT-III Terminations are pre-stretched track-resistant silicone rubber and Hi-K stress control material delivered on a removable core. Removal of the core (unwind) after positioning the termination allows the product to shrink into position, providing a tight seal.

  • Cold Shrink silicone joint solutions for power cables of rated voltage 11 to 33kV

    • Electrical field control device and faraday cage preinstalled in the insulation body
    • No tools required for the installation
  • 3M Separable Connectors are used to terminate single core power cables from 11 to 33kV

    • EPDM material
    • Various sizes from 25 to 630 mm²
    • Various outer cone bushings
  • Terminations and joints for 72kV applications

    3M Cold Shrink high voltage accessories install quickly and easily, helping to reduce potential craft errors.

    Once installed, the cold shrink tube creates a dynamic, compressed environmental seal and electrical interface without sealants, adhesive or heat sources.

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How to install 3M Cold Shrink QT-III Silicone Rubber Skirted Termination

The cool science of Cold Shrink technology

  • The cool science of cold shrink technology
    • Fast and easy one-step installation

      • Enables installation in a third of the time or less compared to heat shrink
      • No special tools or work permits required
      • Easier to install in tight spaces or inclement weather
      • Easy to learn and train

      Long-term reliability

      • Dynamic ‘living seal’ expands and contracts with variations in temperature and load on the cable
      • Designed to last the life of the cable while ensuring excellent electrical performance

      * Data based upon U.S. failure data of U.S. manufactured 3M Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Accessories between 2009 and 2012.

Why heat shrink may not be your best choice

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    More complex installation

    • Performance highly dependent on installer skill
    • Requires torch (flame) and hot work permit
    • Increased installation time and related costs
    • Installation may require shutting down facilities containing combustible gases

    Reliability concerns

    • Non-integrated design of Heat Shrink Medium Voltage joints does not allow for factory testing
    • Creates a static seal that does not expand or contract with the cable, potentially leading to the creation of voids between the cable accessory and the cable, which may potentially lead to failure

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Cold Shrink Frequently Asked Questions

  • A cold shrink tube is a polymeric (EPDM or silicone) tube expanded, then held pre-stretched by a core providing the mechanical stabilisation. When the core is removed, the tube shrinks at normal temperature. It does not require any heat compared to Heat Shrink tube and this is why it is called COLD SHRINK.

  • In 1971, 3M developed the first Cold Shrink Pre-Stretched Tube (PST). Since then 3M developed many different power cable accessories for various voltage classes

  • Ease of installation for increased reliability of installation:

    • - No push-on force needed
    • - No specific tools required for installation
    • - Limits risk of installation errors

    Larger range of cable cross sections with single product:

    • - Large coverage due to cold shrink application range
    • - Ideal for use with compression or mechanical connectors

    Reduced installation time which saves money

    Maintenance free high voltage terminations:

    • - No risk of leakage versus wet termination

    Robust design:

    • - Constant radial pressure creates a 'living seal'

    Higher interfacial pressure improves electrical performance and reduces the risk of failure

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