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Medium Voltage Sensors for a Smart Grid

Now there's an economical, proven way to gain visibility to distribution grid electrical measurements.

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3M™ Sensored Cable Accessories (SCA)

3M™ Sensored Cable Accessories (SCA) provide a retrofittable, compact and economical way for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to gain visibility and data from their distribution grid with voltage and current measurements.

As the need and importance of measurement and data in the underground grid rises, 3M SCA provides a simple path to high accuracy solutions for assessing and improving fault detection, power flow and power quality. The advent of new regulations and integration of renewables into the medium voltage network, make the need for high accuracy measurements critical for assessing the health of your electrical grid and better managing the future of the network’s grid modernisation.

Select the best sensor for your installation: either a power cable termination with embedded sensors from the family QX 2.0 or select our new stand alone Low Power Instrument Transformers for Voltage and Current with the IPVS (Insulating Plug Voltage Sensor) and the CCS (Current Split Coil)

  • 3M helps provide visibility into the medium voltage (MV) electrical infrastructure

    3M Sensored Accessories easily retrofit inside cable compartments, air insulated switches, gas insulated switches or on transformers inside substations. When you upgrade your existing medium voltage substation with our product, you gain high accurate sensing and overall insight into multiple nodes without the need to replace.

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New Low Power Instrument Transformers: 3M™ IPVS

  • 3M has launching a new range of stand alone LPIT (Low Power Instrument Transformers). These sensors allows to easily take the signals of Voltage and Current in the primary and secondary substations, when connected to a wide range of remote terminal units (RTUs), protective relays and other intelligent electrical devices (IEDs).

    They complete our portfolio of sensors to offer a modular system to upgrade any existing or new installations.

    Mix your solution with this IEC selection guide:

  • IPVS Visual


How to install our NEW IPVS (Insulating Plug Voltage Sensor)

Please explore the "Training" section in the menu for additional videos. However, take a moment now to witness the simplicity of our new IPVS installation.

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Sensored Plug-In Installation Steps

Voltage and Current Measurement Made Easy

The 3M™ Sensored Cable Accessory QX-Generation 2.0 enables you to measure critical parameters (voltage, current, phase angle) in an underground medium voltage electrical network. This solution incorporates highly accurate voltage and current measurement integrated into one product which means you get precise measurements without modification of the installed equipment. Additionally, the sensors are passive components thereby not requiring an external power source for sensing.

3M Sensors and Cold Shrink technology ensures easy and fast installation for a wide range of cable cross sections

Real-Time Data for underground systems, designed specifically for primary medium voltage equipment.

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