Emergency Service Vehicle Markings

  • Emergency service vehicles rely on being seen and recognised in order to be effective.

    To save lives and protect the public, it’s essential that ambulances, police cars, fire engines and all other emergency service vehicles are quickly recognised at all times and in all weather conditions, whether at the scene of an emergency or speeding through traffic.

    3M has been providing effective reflective livery solutions for Emergency Service vehicles for over 10 years, keeping them safe and seen.

3M Diamond Grade DG³ - Safety in Numbers

3M Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting has been providing effective reflective livery to emergency service vehicles for over 10 years, exceeding the required specifications for reflective vehicle liveries in the UK.

By utilising innovative full corner cube technology rather than older truncated cube technology, we have designed Diamond Grade DG3 to be optically efficient, reflecting around double the amount of light compared with traditional reflective material.

Typical micro prismatic material will return around 32% of light back to the driver, while this is enough to meet the minimum requirements of the current specification it is not the optimum in retro reflective performance.

The full corner cube technology in 3M Diamond Grade DG3 returns up to 58% of light back to the driver, making vehicle liveries brighter and visible for longer even at high entrance angles where visibility is critical.

3M Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting is:

  • 8 times brighter than the minimum requirement on average*
  • Up to 14 times brighter than competitive products†
  • Outperforms competitive products in all 12 specified angles†
  • 8 times brighter than the minimum requirement at 45⁰

* On average across all angles. Minimum Requirement as outlined in specification for the performance and design requirements for Police liveries in Police Scientific Development Branch publication 4/14 (2004)

† Based on published data available for 3M and competitive products on 22/05/17. All product claims based on measurements of 3M Diamond Grade DG3 Fluorescent Yellow/ Green and nearest competitive alternative

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Assured Seal Plus Programme

3M Assured Seal Plus Partners

3M has partnered with 6 selected material converters who are specially trained and audited in line with our 10 year Assured Seal Plus Warranty.

  • Designs
  • Fleet ID
  • PVL
  • RVG
  • VLS


3M warrants that Diamond Grade™ DG3 will meet the stated minimum RA values in the warranty agreement for 10 years when used for the manufacture of emergency service liveries.

Edge Seal Warranty

  • Minimum 95% sealed when new
  • Minimum 80% sealed for the warranted 10 years

In the event of a vehicle livery failing to meet the warranted performance or edge seal levels, 3M will cover the removal, cost of cutting, sealing and re-applying the affected liveries. *

*In accordance with the 3M Assured Seal Plus warranty information

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Vehicle Fitter Training

The 3M Emergency Service Vehicle Fitter training programme is open to any fitter wishing to broaden their skillset, or for new and existing Diamond Grade DG³ Emergency Service Vehicle partners in need of valued refresher training.

Training includes theory and practical elements on utilising products effectively, including:

  • Introduction to retro reflection
  • The basics of adhesion
  • Practical application session
  • Best practice tips
  • Ways to avoid common application complications

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