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Driving what’s next in semiconductor fabrication, processing and handling

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Discover semiconductor industry solutions from 3M

Semiconductors are a key enabling technology, essential for modern electronic industry and other emerging applications, such as healthcare, transportation, clean energy, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, 5G communications, and computing.

  • Semiconductor processing and handling

    Improving Semiconductor Processing and Handling

    • If you are involved in semiconductor manufacturing and handling, you should be partnering with 3M. Our expertise in microreplication, nanotechnology, moulding and high purity isotopic materials provide solutions which help enable the uniformity, cleanliness and precision your processes demand.

      For more than 50 years, 3M has been providing a wide range of materials to get you from start to finish in your process. That includes everything from materials used in etching and deposition, CMP and surface finishing materials for semiconductor wafer processing, tape and reel for chip transport and materials for wafer doping and ion implantation.

      And when you partner with 3M, you have global support. Our technicians are there to help in key locations around the world.


Semiconductor equipment, manufacturing and packaging solutions

Electronic circuits board shown as an optical microscope image
Unmatched in semiconductor processing and handling.

3M brings precision, performance and efficiency to your manufacturing process.


3M product categories for semiconductor manufacturing

See 3M specific products that aim not only to improve the electronics we have today, but also to innovate and advance the technology of tomorrow.

  • Adhesives for temporary wafer bonding
    Adhesives for Temporary Wafer Bonding

    Enabling faster, easier, more reliable ways to build tomorrow's semiconductors. 3M Wafer Support System (WSS) is proven in high‐volume manufacturing for temporary wafer bonding during wafer thinning and additional TSV processes.


  • Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers
    Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers

    These micro-structured additives literally improve the “cool factor” of electronics by helping conduct and dissipate heat in chip components.



  • Surface finishing products
    CMP Materials

    3M CMP and surface finishing materials can help increase productivity, improve yields and provide high quality process performance.


  • Stable Isotopes
    Stable Isotopes

    Up to 99.9999% pure, these customisable boron dopants meet or exceed industry standards for high purity, and are helping expand R&D possibilities.

  • Tape and reel
    Tape and Reel

    Help protect your components during shipping and storage to meet your requirements and increase productivity.

    3M Component Carrier Tapes

  • Test and Burn-In sockets
    Test and Burn-In Sockets

    The versatile product design helps enable reliable performance for test and burn-in applications.


Ready to redefine your CMP process?

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    • With trends like IoT, smart cities, connected transportation, mobile and edge computing driving our world, semiconductor devices that deliver more memory and speed are in demand. The pressure is on to improve performance and cost-effective consistency of the Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process of semiconductor manufacturing.

      Learn more about how to advance your CMP process with 3M’s innovative CMP products.


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