3M Young Innovators Challenge

3M Young Innovators Challenge 2022 Leics/S Notts

3M Young Innovators Challenge - Leicestershire / South Nottinghamshire

The 2022 3M Young Innovators Challenge comprises practical, creative challenges for primary age children to encourage early interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) with the aim of inspiring the next generation of original thinkers.

  • An exciting primary school challenge that will really get your pupils into blue sky thinking ! Students should design an aircraft within a maximum weight limit and develop a launching device to propel it forward over the greatest distance. The Challenge supports learning into push and pull forces, gravity, air resistance, aerodynamics and material properties.

  • An inspiring primary school Challenge to design a lightweight free-standing structure, supporting as much load as possible up to a maximum of 10kg. The structure may be themed on an existing world monument or pupils may construct a monument to honour a person or event relevant to their school's locality. The Challenge supports STEM learning into structures and forces, together with place knowledge aspects of the primary geography curriculum.

  • A creative primary school Challenge to support STEM learning about gravity, energy, friction and material properties. How slow can you make a marble descend a marble run? The run must incorporate a minimum of three different methods of slowing the marble's descent.

  • What's it about?
    What's it about?

    Three Challenges linked to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) curriculum to inspire primary school children to study STEM subjects, leading to rewarding and fulfilling future careers.

  • Who's it for?
    Who can enter?

    Open to primary Leicestershire and South Nottinghamshire Schools, Academies and Private Schools. Home-educated children may also participate.

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  • Young Innovators Challenge group photo
    Awards ceremony

    The 3M Young Innovators Challenge culminates in a prestigious awards ceremony showcasing the outstanding STEM talent of young innovators from Leicestershire and South Nottinghamshire schools.

  • 3M female scientists and engineers talk about their careers
    Why study STEM?

    Hear 3M employees talking about how STEM subjects are a passport to an exciting career.