3M Young Innovators Challenge

3M Young Innovators Challenge 2019 Leics/Notts

3M Young Innovators Challenge - Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire

The 2019 3M Young Innovators Challenge, sponsored by science-based technology company 3M and supported by the Loughborough Echo newspaper, the Loughborough Learning Alliance, Practical Action and the RNIB College, Loughborough, aims to inspire the next generation of original thinkers.

  • Cargo Carrier Challenge

    An exciting primary school Challenge that supports STEM learning into boat design, stability and buoyancy and encourages design and material experimentation to maximise the vessel's load carrying capacity:weight ratio.

  • Fragile Freight Challenge

    A new secondary Challenge, developed in conjunction with Practical Action, tasks students to devise a system for transporting fragile freight across a specified height and distance as quickly as possible, in a controlled manner. This depicts a problem faced by communities in Nepal who need to efficiently transport delicate produce, grown on steep mountain terrain, to market. The Challenge supports STEM learning into forces, gravity, material properties and structures, while demonstrating how engineering can improve the lives of people in the developing world.

  • Mighty Monument Challenge

    An exciting new primary school Challenge to design a lightweight free-standing structure, supporting as much load as possible up to a maximum of 5kg. The structure may be themed on an existing world monument or pupils may construct a monument to honour a person or event relevant to their school's locality. The Challenge supports STEM learning into structures and forces, together with place knowledge aspects of the primary geography curriculum.

  • Science Detectives Challenge

    Our popular CSI-style Challenge for secondary schools uses an exciting combination of forensic observation, analytical chemistry, social media analysis and suspect profiling to unravel the clues to solve a crime scene scenario.

  • Slo-Mo Marble Challenge

    A primary school Challenge to support STEM learning about gravity, energy, friction and material properties. How slow can you make a marble descend a marble run?

  • VizTech Challenge

    Aligned with the DT curriculum, our VizTech Challenge is to design and construct either a sensory toy; a product to make a sports activity or hobby more accessible; or a device to make performing an everyday task easier for a blind or partially sighted young person aged under 18 years. Research, innovation in material use and prototyping will all score highly with the judges.

  • What's it about?

    What's it about?

    Six Challenges linked to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) curriculum to inspire primary and secondary school children to study STEM subjects, leading to rewarding and fulfilling future careers.

    32 schools and 451 students took part in 2018.

  • Who's it for?

    Who can enter?

    Open to primary and secondary Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Authority Schools, Academies and Private Schools within the circulation area of the Loughborough Echo or who are members of the Loughborough Learning Alliance. Home-educated children may also participate.

  • Young Innovators Challenge group photo

    Awards ceremony

    Watch the 2018 presentation evening showcasing the outstanding STEM talent of young innovators from Leicestershire and South Nottinghamshire schools. The event took place on the 15 June at Loughborough College, with guest of honour Nicky Morgan, Member of Parliament for Loughborough.

  • Why study STEM?

    Hear 3M employees talking about how STEM subjects are a passport to an exciting career.

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