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Thermoplastic Parts

We’ve got solutions – find them here, or bring us your specific challenges for bonding to thermoplastics in aircraft design and manufacturing. We’re happy to help.


Thermoplastic Parts for Aerospace

These solutions can transform your methods for installing thermoplastics and other hard-to-bond substrates. Designed specifically for bonding to thermoplastics, glass-phenolic composites and metals such as aluminum, these 3M™ Structural Adhesives can speed production times, reduce rework and cleanup. They expand design flexibility. They meet specifications for FST and more. Now, you can bond to polycarbonate (PC), polyphenyl sulfone (PPSU), polyether imide (PEI) and acrylic-PVC among others. The list of areas where you can use them is long: tray tables, seat back covers, international first-class surrounds, partition walls, sidewall and cargo bay panels, stowage compartments and passenger doors to name a few. If you have a thermoplastic application that requires a specific solution, we’re happy to help. Contact us now to learn more.



Two-part epoxy adhesives are formulated to bond even to challenging thermoplastic substrates, and deliver excellent shop handling for reduced process times. Contact a 3M expert and learn how we can work together for thermoplastic bonding solutions that meet your specific needs.

  • Designed for interior substrates, such as glass-phenolic composites, aluminum and hard-to-bond thermoplastics
  • Can be used on metal and composite surfaces
  • Very low sag formulation delivers controlled flow for vertical applications
  • FST compliant

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