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Your work can encompass so many challenges – designing lighter cabin monuments, bonding metals and thermoplastics, sealing cabin floorboards, honeycomb core reinforcement, metal surface protection and more. Sometimes it involves more than one challenge at a time. So we’d like to make it easier to locate what you need. Quickly find what you’re working on below. And discover the ways that 3M can help you.

  • Through a range of solutions in composite fabrication, bonding and protection, 3M enables further use of composite structures in the aircraft.

  • Bonding, joining, surface protection and preparation, sealing…3M has continually advanced the effective use of metal in aircraft design.

  • 3M helps enable lighter weight and design flexibility with epoxy adhesives for hard-to-bond surfaces including thermoplastics.

  • Protect vital aircraft surfaces from erosion, corrosion, foreign object debris, chemical exposure and more with 3M solutions.

  • Creating cabins on time and on budget requires science. 3M can provide it – low-density void fillers, insert potting adhesives, core splice adhesives and more.

  • Strength meets light weight and low density in 3M adhesives, compounds, reclosable fasteners and more for aircraft seats and surrounds.

  • Protecting aircraft interiors from corrosion, flame, fluids, wear and tear requires integrity, in your suppliers and in their solutions. 3M can help on both counts.

  • Advanced technologies enable acoustic insulation and damping, as well as resistance to high temperatures even for plastics and composites.

  • 3M has a long successful history in the use of structural adhesives for bonding metal to composite.

  • 3M solutions for honeycomb core structure such as engine nacelles include surface preparation, corrosion inhibiting bond primers, structural adhesives and surfacing films.

  • Find true aircraft assembly solutions that seal, protect, insulate and bond while also helping increase rates, refine processes and reduce rework.

  • For the efficient assembly of aircraft structures, 3M delivers adhesives, tapes, sealants, films and more to help you keep everything together.

  • Structural adhesive bonding for high temperature applications and bonded-in composite erosion protection solutions are just the start. Learn more about 3M fan blade / cold-side engine applications.

  • 3M has long been the supplier of choice for challenging helicopter rotor blade bonding and surface protection applications.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of aerospace industry professionals worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us, or find a distributor.