Fantastic Car Refinish Results in Just a Few Steps

3M's unique paint rectification processes and products can help you achieve the desired result for your customers.

Whether you have to remove surface defects or just want to achieve the perfect finish - our easy to follow guide to our compounding processes can help you achieve great results in just a few steps.

Looking for the most efficient compounding process? Consider this!

To achieve the perfect finish for your customers, the key is to use the correct application process for your clear coats - stick to your paint manufacturers recommendations!

State-of-the-art modern clear coats are very sensitive to drying conditions, which can determine the difficulty of your finishing process and the overall quality of your result.

  • Time and temperature spent in the oven

    The bake time paint manufacturers' recommend usually refers to time in the oven at "object temperature".
    The key is to identify how much additional time is needed to heat the object to temperature and add this to the baking time.

    Pictures taken with a IR camera:

    • Engine and bonnet heating up after 5 Mins

      After 5 mins: Engine and bonnet heating up

    • Engine and bonnet heating up after 15 Mins

      After 15 mins: Temperature spreading but the lower part of the door still hasn't reached 50°C

    • Type of clearcoat and hardener

      The longer the open time of the hardener (type: slow), the longer the cure time will be to achieve a fully cured coating.

    • Thickness of coat applied

      The thicker the overall coating, the longer the cure time will be to achieve a fully cured coating. State of the art High Solid Clearcoats achieve higher thickness layers per application.

Remember this!

Different paints and coatings can perform differently – paint type, booth temperature, application system, curing times and many other factors can affect how a coating will react to an abrasive and polishing system. Please choose the paint finishing system that suits your needs and situation.

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