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Car Paint Applications

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Introducing the Paint Application Systems from 3M

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    • 3M Paint Application Systems help you decrease cycle-time for your processes and reduce non-value work time.

      Our systems are the choice of many professional bodyshops for accurate mixing, colour matching and applying basecoat, clearcoat and primers.

      For an even cleaner paint process, use 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection System as an easy to handle paint booth protection system. It attracts dirt from the paint booth air and allows you to achieve a cleaner paint result and minimise finishing work.

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      See our paint application process

      See our paint booth protection process

  • The 3M™ Paint Preparation System significantly increases productivity in the paint spray processes.

    The closed disposable liner system allows for direct mixing and storing of unused paint if needed. Cleaning time and solvent use is reduced to a minimum, particularly if used with the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun.

  • The revolutionary design of the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun provides the finish of a premium HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun at a fraction of the cost.

    Thanks to the replaceable atomising head, it’s like spraying with a brand new gun every time you use a new disposable head.

  • Clean your booth regularly when it´s necessary and not only when you have the time! 3M revolutionised the simple concept of surface protection to enhance your maintenance process.

    Not only is the 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection System great for surface protection, but a closer look reveals a breakthrough innovation that actually traps dust, dirt and overspray in a unique non-woven construction.

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Featured products for Car Paint Application

  • The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun was designed specifically to deliver best-in-class performance while saving you time. The secret lives inside our advanced interchangeable nozzle technology.

    You’ll experience faster cleanup, faster changeovers and faster cycle times. It’s the best of 3M Science, all packed into the lightest spray gun in the world.

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  • The 3M™ PPS™ system of cups, adaptors, lids and liners has revolutionised painting: it works with nearly any paint gun, and eliminates the extra time, mess and wasted material associated with using separate cups for mixing and painting.

    The 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 delivers these benefits even better, with key improvements from the connection to the cup - a revolutionary system redesigned for a new generation of paint application.

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