Masking Tape, Film and Specialty Products

Masking Tape, Film and Specialty Products for Collision Repair

Masking systems from 3M can be used in all coating and repair processes, ranging from masking tape and covering up large areas to special applications.

Worldwide, 3M is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturer of adhesive tapes. Refinish processes include the use of tapes in all core processes. Through intensive research and development work, we constantly add innovative products to our range to make refinish masking processes more secure and efficient.

Examples include the aperture masking tape Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape Plus and the Scotch® Transition Tape. The novel design of the two products allows significantly softer paint edges and transitions, greatly reducing rework.

Product Categories

  •  General Refinish Masking Tapes

    General Refinish Masking Tapes

    Masking tapes are used in all types of applications, some very demanding and some not so critical. In combination with masking film (or paper), Refinish Masking Tapes are designed to protect large areas i.e. the rest of the car, wheels and windows from paint overspray if these areas are adjacent to painted parts.

    3M offers quality masking tapes for standard applications as well as high end premium tapes with water and solvent resistancy, high temperature tolerance and superior performance and process efficiency.

  • pecialist Detail Masking Tapes

    Specialist Detail Masking Tapes

    Fine line Masking tapes are specialist tapes, usually for applications requiring fine multiple-tone or paint striping work.These tapes are usually film based and allow high flexibility and curvability, and achievement of very sharp paint edges.

  • Masking Films

    Masking Films

    Refinish Masking Films are available in a various width and qualities - individually suited for the job at hand.

    The translucent material of Premium Clear Masking Films makes the repair area highly visible for simple trim guidance, the special dispensing properties allow rapid one person applications and the static cling properties keep the surface tightly covered as well as attracting dust and paint overspray. Economy films or paper are also available for simple tasks.

  • Aperture Masking

    Aperture Masking

    Soft Edge Foam Masking Tapes are an effective solution to time-consuming masking of vehicles prior to painting. The tapes are used to mask vehicle apertures such as door, bonnet and booths. As well as achieving the required ‘soft edge’, this tape ensures that the interior of the vehicle is kept free of paint and dust.

  • Special Application Refinish Masking Products

    Special Application Refinish Masking Products

    For various specialist applications, 3M offers special products such as:


    • Trim Masking Tapes for prevention of overspray on rubber trim around bonded screens or windows seals.
    • Interior masking products to protect car seats or floors
    • Scotch Transition Tape for smooth paint edges and efficient masking process on parts


  • Paint Booth Masking

    Paint Booth Masking

    3M has taken the simple concept of surface protection and revolutionised it to enhance your painting process. Not only are the 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Products great for surface protection, but a closer look reveals a breakthrough innovation that actually traps dust, dirt and overspray in a unique non-woven construction. Application of 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection System is fast and easy.

  • Surface Protection - 3M™ Self-Stick-Liquid-Protection Fabric

    Surface Protection - 3M™ Self-Stick-Liquid-Protection Fabric

    Lay down a liquid-proof layer of protection against oil, grease and other harsh fluids that can damage work and work surfaces in your collision repair shop. This adhesive-backed surface protection is great for paint mixing rooms, work tables, shop and bay entrances and anywhere else that dirt, grime and fluids can land. It features the nonwoven dirt-trapping surface of our 3M™ Dirt Trap products, with the added benefit of liquid protection. Save time and money, reducing prep nd cleanup time.

    View 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric

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