Supplied Air for Industrial Use and Fire Safety

The 3M™ Scott™ range of supplied air offers proven, trusted performance to help get the job done safely.

  • FLITE COV is a positive pressure Supplied Air Respirator that also provides emergency respiratory protection and escape capability allowing the user to enter hazardous atmospheres including those identified as immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)

  • RAS

    RAS (Respiratory Airline Supply) airline system is a positive pressure set that provides the highest levels of breathing protection. It is ideal for areas with high levels of particulate or aerosol contamination.

  • Airline BA and filter combined system - Positive pressure airline system with cannister for ingress and egress. Specifically developed to meet the needs of the asbestos removal and stripping industry.

  • Modulair is a compact, easy to use airline trolley system designed to provide portable clean air in restricted access areas.