Metalworking Health & Safety

Metalworking Health & Safety

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Hazards and extreme conditions in metalworking industries

After the complex production of metallic raw materials they typically undergo further processing. Noise, heat, dust and other hazards make working conditions challenging.
Selecting the best possible protection for the wearer is only part of the challenge - increasing wearing acceptance from workers is key as well to reduce risks and injuries.

  • Heat in the foundry as one typical hazard

    Personal protection in extreme conditions

    For more than 100 years, 3M has been developing effective and individual PPE (personal protection equipment) solutions for the metalworking industry.
    Failing to create a safe work environment can have far reaching consequences:


    • The lack of effective protection can potentially lead to significant short and long‑term health effects.
    • Inadequate personal protection is a frequently cited workplace violation and can lead to prosecution.


    Identifying hazards and the best protection solution is not always easy.
    3M can support you through this process and help you make correct decisions based on your needs.

Protection throughout the whole process

From steel works to aluminium smelters, from welding works to lead recycling: we understand user requirements and work together with them to create a safe working environment.

  • Metal production extreme working conditions

    Metal production

    Things are really hot here: in iron furnaces, iron ore is used to extract pig iron. Extreme working conditions prevail so it is essential to completely protect your employees.

    Learn how 3M helped to reduce blood lead levels of metal workers by up to 40% by using appropriate PPE.

    Read case study - Lead factory (PDF, 270 KB)

  • Metal fabrication hazards

    Metal fabrication

    In metal processing, the liquid metal is first cast as pigs, ingots or slabs. The further processing of the pigs takes place in the foundries, with extreme heat and flying sparks.

    Find out how 3M supplied air respiratory protective equipment proved a success in foundries.

    Brochure - PPE solutions for foundries (PDF, 3.81 MB)

    Read case study - Foundry (PDF, 130 KB)

  • Metal finishing hazards

    Metal finishing

    From metal to finished product: the basic material undergoes further processing which involves typical metalworking tasks, such as welding, cutting, turning, drilling, milling, planing.

    Explore how occupational health and safety reduces the amount of injuries and pays off measurably.

    Read case study - Automotive industry (PDF, 160 KB)

    Read case study - Freight car production (PDF, 290 KB)

Products for safety & comfort

  • 3M™ Speedglas™ Heavy Duty Welding Helmet G5-01

    Designed for welders working at high amperages and that need to grind frequently, the 3M™ Speedglas™ Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 is created to be adaptable to an individual’s needs and situation.

    • Protection against radiation, sparks and spatter, from a high-coverage welding helmet design
    • View your work with 3M™ Speedglas™ Natural Colour Technology.
    • Effective respiratory protection, offering the highest safety class for powered air (TH3) systems
    • Individualize your helmet comfort and adjust the respiratory airflow to your preferences




  • 3M™ Secure Click™ Reusable Half Mask HF-800 Series

    Designed with smart and intuitive features, the 3M Secure Click Half Mask Reusable Respirator HF-800 Series helps protect workers from particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapours when used with approved 3M™ Secure Click™ filters and cartridges.


    • Hear It: Work with the confidence that filters/cartridges are installed properly. Simply align the connections and push to hear a click.
    • Check It: Easy, one-touch, user seal check to increase worker confidence that the respirator is being worn properly.
    • Feel It: Quad Flow for greater breathability and comfort.
    • Say It: Speaking diaphragm for easier communication while working.                                 


Suggested MetFab Products

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Related PPE solutions from 3M

See our PPE products in action

  • 3M™ RR Secure Click HF-800 highlights

    3M™ RR Secure Click HF-800 highlights

    See how 3M's RR Secure Click HF-800 provides greater breathability and comfort with the world’s first quad-flow gas and vapour filter / combination filter system. (0:20)

  • 3M's focus while developing the 3M™ Speedglas™ G5-01

    3M's focus while developing the 3M™ Speedglas™ G5-01

    See all the exciting features in a first-hand interview on the 3M™ Speedglas™ Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 with our 3M experts. (2:42)

  • Compare 3M's Auto Darkening Filter to traditional helmets

    Compare 3M's Auto Darkening Filter to traditional helmets

    See how 3M ADF safes time and make welding much more comfortable and efficient. (5:42)

Typical hazards in the metal industries

Typical hazards in the metal industries

Be aware of welding fume and other hazards

Learn about important topics for your industry: regulations, process-related hazards, their potential health risks and relevant PPE measures

Download hazard guides – including Welding Fume and more
  • Typical hazards in the metal industries - Exposure to Noise

    Exposure to Noise

    A high level of noise exposure is the norm in many workplaces in the metalworking industry. 3M offers innovative and effective hearing protection and communication solutions.

    Noise level barometer Infographic (PDF, 90 KB)

    Hearing Muff and Helmet Compatibility Selector

  • Typical hazards in the metal industries - Eye Injuries

    Eye Injuries

    Eye injuries are among the most common work accidents in metalworking causing considerable costs and downtime. Flying particles, generated during grinding or cutting, as well as dangerous UV and IR rays when welding, can potentially cause irreversible eye and face injuries.

    3M Protective Eyewear range

    3M Protective Eyewear Selector Tool

  • Typical hazards in the metal industries - Heat


    Heat is one of the greatest problems at many metalworking workplaces – from metal production and further processing to finishing. 3M offers special heat protection product solutions for safe and efficient work.

    High Heat Head Protection (PDF)

  • Typical hazards in the metal industries - Falling Objects and Head Protection

    Falling Objects and Head Protection

    Working in many different workplaces – for instance during maintenance work in installations and machinery – results in other hazard sources, such as falling objects. 3M offers head protection (bump caps or helmets) that protect your workforce effectively against potential injury.

    3M Head Protection range

    European Standards - Head protection (PDF, 440KB)

Metal Fabrication & Production Applications

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes, most commonly welding.
It is a value-added process that 3M understands well. From abrasive discs and belts to industry leading welding PPE - we are here to help.

  • Metal fabrication - Casting and deburring

    Casting and deburring

    Fettling or deburring ensures reliable and even removal of flashing on metal workpieces. Sparks, splinters and particles fly. Personal protective equipment from 3M reliably protects your employees from these hazards.

    PPE Solutions in the foundry (PDF, 4MB)

  • Metal fabrication - Welding


    Effective all-round protection is needed against all kinds of risks. 3M provides integrated PPE which combines comprehensive eye, face and respiratory protection in a single system. The innovative welding helmets from 3M enable welding results combined with great wearer comfort and safety.

    Welding Fumes (PDF, 480 KB)

    3M™ Speedglas™ Product and Service Solutions

  • Grinding, cutting, polishing

    Grinding, cutting, polishing

    Sparks fly, particles pollute the ambient air, not to speak of the noise. When cutting and grinding metal various health risks arise which require comprehensive protection. 3M knows these requirements from practical experience and has developed integrated PPE systems to measure.

    3M Industrial Abrasives for metal workers

  • Metal fabrication - Painting and finishing

    Painting and finishing

    After the surfaces have been finished, the work can finally be painted and refined.

    Isocycanates (PDF, 250 KB)

    3M Product and Service Solutions for Automotive Repairs and Painting Process

3M Experts

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3M’s PPE experts are ready to advise you on any questions relating to safety and protection in metalworking and the uses of 3M’s PPE products.

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