Establishing a Respiratory Protection Program

Establishing a Respiratory Protection Program

4 Simple Steps

Pathway to Respiratory Protection

Selecting and specifying the appropriate respiratory protective equipment may appear daunting with so many factors to consider and so any options to choose from. With our simple Path to Protection 4 Steps it's easy to choose the correct level of protection and comfort required to optimise respiratory protection:

  • Identify the Hazards

    Identify the Hazards

    Whether the construction or other industry, each sector has its own risks and dangers. The first step is to identify them. Is the worker exposed to particulate matter or dangerous gases and vapours? Make a list of all the risks regarding respiratory protection. 3M has a number of detection systems that can help you.

  • Assess the Risk

    Assess the Risk

    Then evaluate all range of respiratory related risks. What is the probability of each risk? How many employees are at risk and what are the consequences? By evaluating each risk and danger, you can prioritise its prevention. Consider other protection, e.g. skin, eye, face, head and body.

    3M™ EVM Monitors measure hazards in real time. View products
    3M™ Organic Vapour Monitor Badges measure personal exposure to hazards.

  • Select the right respirator

    Select the right respirator

    Now that you know the risks and dangers that can impact your staff, you can choose the appropriate masks and systems. 3M offers a wide range of disposable and reusable masks for respiratory protection and systems for respiratory protection. There is a solution for nearly all risks and applications.

    In addition to protection, there are also two other important factors that may determine your choice. These are comfort and efficiency. With the advanced filtering technology, ergonomic design and unique 3M™ Cool Flow™ exhalation valve 3M makes sure that you can breathe comfortably and efficiently.


  • Train in Fitting in Use

    Train in Fitting in Use

    Respiratory protection is personal. Because each job entails its own risks, every workplace is different. Make sure you know how to use and maintain your RPE to ensure effective respiratory protection.

    3M sales and technical professionals can help you to define your training needs and on-site consultations on all aspects of respiratory protection tailored to your individual needs.


How we can help

At 3M, we have a wide range of support tools and services which can help guide you through the necessary validation processes to help you with your selection and use of respiratory protection, so you can be sure that you are well protected and your employees get to work.


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