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    Quiet please - 3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Absorption Material for effective noise reduction and thermal insulation in vehicles

    • The need for comfort and the lowest possible noise emissions from cars is continuously increasing. Acoustic factors in vehicles’ interiors are also changing, with new technological trends such as lightweight construction or hybrid and electric cars. NVHT solutions (noise, vibration, harshness, thermal) offer numerous benefits in sound absorption, damping and thermal insulation. They allow for new design freedom and flexibility of applications.

    Lightweight solutions with high acoustic absorption performance

    • A car with a view to the underbody possible

      The acoustic nonwoven 3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insualtion material enables many solutions for noise reduction in the vehicle, including:

      • Highly efficient acoustic absorption performance with low weight and conformability
      • Provides enhanced thermal insulation
      • No need for impregnation in exterior applications: the material is hydrophobic
      • Excellent compression recovery makes Thinsulate™ ideal to fill cavities
      • Available as individual die-cut parts
      • Application by ultrasonic welding, clips, adhesive tape, hotmelt and heat-staking
      • Wide range of products with global supply and local manufacturing

    Damping Film for Vehicle Construction

    • An insulating material covered with a silver foil is applied

      3M™ Vibration Control Tape CL1151 is a constrained layer damper designed to reduce resonant noise, vibration and fatigue in metal, plastic panels and support structures. When applied to a vibrating structure, the polymer used in Vibration Control Tape CL1151 converts vibration to negligible heat, thus reducing vibration amplitudes and structure-borne noise. Anywhere where weight must be reduced, or there is a lack of space, our self-adhesive damping tape is the ideal solution. The tape consists of a viscoelastic pressure sensitive acrylate adhesive and an aluminium foil. This unique combination makes the film ideal for lightweight materials such as steel, aluminium, carbon, magnesium or plastic.

      The many benefits include:

      • Noise damping
      • High adaptability
      • Easy application
      • Weight reduction compared with traditional damping materials
      • Reflection of heat radiation
      • Use on different materials
      • Durability
      • High temperature resistance (- 32° C to 110° C)

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