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  • As an automotive professional, you’re on a journey that 3M knows well. You start with a market trend – electrification, or increased fuel efficiency regulations, or the demand for more comfortable passenger experiences. Exploring these trends is a passion. Applying them to the vehicle itself is a journey. And the deeper you go, the more fascinating it becomes. Each interconnected part of the vehicle presents its own unique challenges. The solutions themselves require creativity combined with science. Above all, they require collaboration – a trusted partner to help you every step of the way. Where should we meet?

Chassis and Wheels
Chassis and Wheels Icon

Help improve ride quality with 3M wheel weights, adhesives, friction shims and damping materials.

Body-in-White exterior icon

Enabling lightweighting, dissimilar material bonding and structural integrity with precision and efficiency.

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Exteriors and Glass
Exteriors and glass car icon

Solutions to help you design lightweight, stylish vehicles that convey your most innovative ideas from the first glance.

Interior of car icon

Creating a more comfortable ride for passengers and drivers – solutions in thermal management, NVH, styling and VOC.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
HMI touch screen technology icon

Technologies for reduced glare, better viewability and improved information delivery from vehicles to passengers.

Propulsion engine icon

From emission control to power density and heat management, 3M has solutions for EV, HEV and ICE powertrains.

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Manufacturing & Assembly
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3M solutions help validate your great designs, maximizing and even eliminating process steps down the line.

Sensors and Cameras
Sensors and Cameras icon

Tiers can supply tape-attached brackets for cameras, humidity control sensors and mirror button/rain sensors.

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  • Body-in-White

    When precision counts the most – in design, lightweighting and structural integrity – 3M delivers ever-evolving solutions in abrasives and structural adhesives, as well as advanced materials for the most cost-effective body-in-white processes.

  • Exteriors and Glass car image

    Exteriors and Glass

    Sealing. Bonding of sensors and dissimilar materials. Management of sound, heat and light. Whatever is most important to your automotive designs, 3M provides solutions in adhesives, tapes, films, engineered damping materials and more.

  • EV Battery

    When range, thermal efficiency, safety and customer experience become critical challenges, 3M delivers a rich combination of materials and technologies to solve for tough lightweighting, thermal runaway and acoustic damping challenges. They include enhancing and shielding tapes, 3M™ Glass Bubbles, electrical resins, engineered fluids and more.

  • HMI touch screen technology image

    Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    As OEM and Tier suppliers create new automotive cabin experiences, 3M creates the solutions that make advanced driver monitoring systems and heads-up displays come to life. We lead the industry in optically clear adhesives and light control films.

  • EV & HEV Powertrain

    Magnet and thermally conductive epoxy adhesives. Boron nitride cooling fillers. Specialty electrical powder resins for enhanced insulation to motor components, and friction shims for increased power density without increasing joint or assembly size. These are just a few of the ways 3M can help enhance the design and manufacture of ePowertrains.

  • Interiors image


    You’re thinking about automotive interiors for entirely new passenger experiences. 3M is driving the future now with comprehensive solutions for addressing thermal management, lightweighting and noise, vibration and harshness to name a few.

  • Chassis and Wheels image

    Chassis and Wheels

    Tomorrow’s vehicles will require precise control and handling. 3M delivers films, fluoropolymers, structural and fastening adhesives, wheel weights and more for flexibility and efficiency from initial design all the way through assembly.

  • Automotive Electrification

    This is the expanding world of automotive electrification: as vehicle energy ecosystems evolve from ICE propulsion to hybrid and xEV, so do critical design considerations like lightweighting, thermal management and mechanical energy control. We invite you to learn along with us.

  • Sensor Technology

    3M sensor camouflage films are just the start. We work to create automotive design solutions that enhance the form, maximize the function and advance the entire trend in vehicle connectivity, with both passengers and the roadways themselves.

  •  Manufacturing & assembly machine image

    Manufacturing and Assembly

    3M automotive OEM and Tier solutions help validate and reinforce great designs. Each of our tapes, adhesives, abrasives and paint application tools is designed to make manufacturing and assembly more efficient, maximizing and even eliminating process steps.

  • Electronic Control Unit

    Electronic control unit design solutions including thermal management, electromagnetic interference, and electrical isolation, among others.

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3M is constantly working to minimise risks by staying ahead of new challenges OEM and Tier suppliers face worldwide. If you need help maximising collaboration to build the future of mobility, contact 3M today.
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