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See how you can deliver powerful, reliable and scalable EV battery and ePowertrain designs. Tackle tough challenges related to EV thermal runaway protection, battery assembly and disassembly, eMotor assembly and more. Overcome production bottlenecks and optimise your throughput.

3M combines established, world-class expertise in lithium-ion battery technologies with a century of experience in the automotive industry. Our engineers will collaborate bench-to-bench with you to understand your design needs, and our Battery Component Testing Laboratory is equipped for a broad spectrum of application-simulative testing methods. Global scale and source of supply ensures that help isn't far away.

As you drive the future of eMobility, 3M will be by your side from design to delivery and beyond.

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Battery assembly/disassembly

EV battery assembly and disassembly solutions

  • Icon of two platforms with arrows pointing away and into each platform
    • Find innovative structural adhesives that help optimise battery bonding performance. Increase durability, reliability and more.

      Our structural adhesives support EV battery design trends like cell-to-pack and help address key assembly challenges such as the bonding of dissimilar materials and lightweighting.

      Enjoy chassis-mounted solutions that handle stress without adding weight. Our friction shims enable bolted connections to help bear the weight of heavy battery packs. Work with dissimilar mating surfaces such as aluminium, e-coated, painted and composite-material surfaces. You can even help downsize components by allowing the use of smaller and lighter bolts and fasteners.

      For over a century, dozens of industries have used adhesives, sealants, films, fasteners and tapes from 3M to help reduce their cycle times and enhance assembly efficiency. Tell us what we can do for you.

      Sealing the deal on EV battery assembly: Optimise your EV battery enclosure sealing while enabling automation and enhancing serviceability (PDF, 166 KB)

EV Battery diagram showing where 3M battery solutions can be applied.

(D) Sealing

(E) Pack-to-chassis attachment

Specialty bond

*These assembly products are industrial products and were not designed for automotive applications. Additionally not all assembly products have been tested or validated for automotive applications. Read our full Automotive Disclaimer (PDF, 67.2KB)

**Read our full Bonding and Joining Solutions intended and restricted use statement (PDF, 95.8 KB)

***Read our full Sealing intended and restricted use statement (PDF, 94.9 KB)

The importance of serviceability: repair, reuse and EV battery recycling

  • Recycling battery with a leaf icon
    • EV battery serviceability is important. When repairs are needed, the battery enclosure and lid must be readily opened. When reused in second-life applications, batteries must be disassembled without damaging components. When recycled at end of life, parts must be serviced so that aluminium, copper and precious minerals like cobalt, nickel and lithium can be extracted.

      Our sealants can help you streamline disassembly:

      As the industry strives to reduce emissions and meet 2050 climate goals, EV battery repair, reuse and recycling will be crucial towards helping minimise the carbon footprint of electric vehicle batteries. Solutions that enable serviceability will be an integral part of this equation.

Battery thermal runaway

Cell-to-cell thermal runaway propagation and vent path protection solutions

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    • Help mitigate thermal runaway propagation and protect your venting pathway in your battery designs with the help of our advanced materials.

      Select barrier materials combine low thermal conductivity and exceptional temperature stability with high electrical resistance, flame resistance and/or compression performance. Now you can work to maintain optimal battery performance under tough conditions. Applications include between cells and battery modules, under the lid and more.

      Our advanced vent path protection materials can combine high temperature stability with powerful thermal insulation. When thermal runaway occurs, you can isolate high-velocity ejected gas from critical components including the battery lid and adjacent cells.

      With established expertise in battery technologies and extensive battery material testing capabilities, 3M experts can collaborate with you to identify a barrier solution for your needs. Tell us how we can help you.


EV battery enclosure diagram showing where 3M above-cell battier materials and vent path protection materials can be used.

  • 1 00:01:27,750 --> 01:30:27,750 Text: 3M. Science. Applied to Life. ePowertrain Solutions: 3M Testing Capabilities. A lot filled with many vehicles. A man wearing safety glasses addresses the viewer. A machine issues fire. Two workers look at a piece of paper-like material that's been burned by the machine. Text: Mark Fairbanks. 3M Lead Verification and Validation. A machine issues flames and sparks. Three batteries. A battery pack structure. A worker pours a substance into a machine as another worker observes. A machine issues fire at a paper-like material. Two workers analyze the material. 2 00:02:15,083 --> 01:33:15,083 A worker puts a metal box over batteries that have been taped together. Mark connects a wire to a metal structure. Mark walks through a lab. He approaches a coworker. They work on computers together. A machine goes up in smoke in a control room. Mark and a coworker walk down a hall. Mark addresses the viewer. Text: We'll help you drive the future of eMobility. Contact 3M battery experts today. 3M. Science. Applied to Life. 3M 2023. All rights reserved. 3M is a trademark of 3M. Fades to black.

    3M technician conducts torch and grit test

    Caption: 3M technician conducts torch and grit test

  • Advanced testing for advanced batteries

    The rapid evolution of automotive electrification means we need a complete understanding of how our products can be used in different electric vehicle battery applications, and how we can innovate for the future. See how 3M uses advanced small-scale testing capabilities to deliver large-scale impact for OEMs everywhere.

    Watch more:

Electrical insulation/connection

EV battery electrical insulation and connection solutions

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    • Unlock your energy-efficient battery designs with the help of our extensive portfolio offering of electrical barrier materials, resins and tapes.

      We’ll help you insulate cell cans, cold plates, battery modules and other high-value components. Achieve powerful voltage endurance, thermal conductivity and long-term dielectric strength for high-temperature electrical insulation applications. Protect metal and conductor surfaces with the help of electrical powder resins that easily bond to complex and curved surfaces.

      At 3M, we combine world-class expertise in lithium-ion battery design with decades of experience in electronics adhesives. See how our insulation and connection solutions can be converted to meet your design needs.


EV battery diagram showing where 3M solutions can be applied.

(A) Cold plate insulation/module housing insulation

Lightweighting/thermal management

Lightweighting and thermal management solutions

  • Lightweighting and thermal management icon of a feather and thermometer.
    • Help reduce weight and control heat across your electric vehicle battery pack applications with innovative additives and materials.

      Drive lightweighting goals with glass bubbles — tiny, hollow, thermally insulating lightweight fillers. They can replace heavy fillers in a variety of resins and still help you meet thermal insulation requirements, plus retain desired viscosity even at high loadings. They can be used in formulations for sheet molding composites, great for critical components such as battery enclosures.

      Integrate thermal management into polymers without affecting electrical insulation with boron nitride cooling fillers. These thermally conductive fillers can be used for a range of applications including thermally conductive adhesives, coatings on cables, battery housings, thermal interface material pads between cells, and gap fillers underneath cells.

      Need even more control? Keep your EV batteries within their optimum temperature range in unpredictable warm and cold environments with our battery enhancement material. It’s highly compressible, making it ideal for tight spaces between the EV battery pack and battery pack lid.

      We bring decades of expertise in additives and thermal management material technologies. Let’s get to work.


EV battery enclosure diagram showing where 3M lightweighting and thermal management solutions can be applied.

(A) Thermal insulation mat

(B) Thermally conductive additive

(C) Thermally insulative and lightweighting additive


Cushioning solutions

  • Cushioning solutions icon of force being applied to a cushion.
    • Enjoy long-lasting cushioning performance, ease of installation and compatibility with manual or automated assembly lines.

      Intended for cushioning between cells, our microcellular polyurethane cushioning foams are compression tested and can deliver consistent, moderate pressure as battery cells swell and contract during charging cycles. At the cell level, controlled compression helps reduce the negative performance impact associated with high, and uneven, pressure distribution.

      At 3M, we constantly work with automotive OEMs to help address needs. Reach out and see how we can help.

      Whitepaper: Customising Compression Range to Help Control Pressure Between Cells and Extend EV Battery Lifespan (PDF, 202KB)

EV battery enclosure diagram showing where 3M cushioning solutions can be applied.


eMotor assembly and manufacture solutions

  • ICE engine with electricity in it icon
    • See how you can streamline your eMotor manufacture across a range of components and applications.

      You can replace varnish and resin in the slots, wedges and phases with electrically insulating slot liners that expand and adhere during cure. Enhance your lamination stack assembly with structural adhesives that balance exceptional metal bonding strength with high temperature stability.

      We offer deep expertise in electrical engineering and materials science with a century of experience in the automotive industry. We’ll help you optimise and scale your eMotor designs.

eMotor diagram showing where 3M solutions can be applied

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