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Driving the future with 3M Solutions

  • Safety, Reliability and Performance are the key topics if we talk about developing solutions for future mobility markets. In our new webinars, 3M experts talk about our latest developments, focusing on the topics:


    • Battery Safety
    • Thermal Management
    • Human Machine Interface Solutions
    • Sensor and Camera Enhancement
    • Battery and Display Bonding



    How does our portfolio contribute to these crucial topics and how do our products meet special requirements respecting modern designs and latest regulations?

    Our new webinar series provide everything you need to know on 3M Automotive Solutions for future mobility. Register today for the topics you would like to attend. Our experts are looking forward to meeting you in our interactive seminars.

    Do you have any further questions or need help? No problem — please write to us!

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After every 30-minutes webinar session you can get in touch with our experts, developers and product managers. Don’t miss the chance to ask your questions and to receive first-hand-knowledge regarding latest developments from one of the market-leading producers.

New webinars will be available soon.

Past webinars

Watch any of our past webinars on-demand absolutely free.

  • 3M Automotive Display Bonding

    In a digital world, operational design becomes the key. How do we protect your screen in respect to future design challenges?

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  • 3M Battery Bonding

    Whether gap spacing, thermal management, electrical insulation or structural bonding: engineer your battery with the help of customized 3M bonding solutions that will meet your design challenges.

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  • 3M HMI Solutions

    How do we bend, twist and maneuver light, in order to put it right where your display needs it?

    Join this webinar and learn more on Human Machine Interface Solutions by 3M.

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  • 3M Sensor Suite

    Greater detection distances, faster interpretations and accurate classifications:

    Everything on 3M solutions for all sensor types and numerous applications, helping to ensure the clarity of the signal.

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  • 3M Battery Safety

    In accordance to UN’s latest regulation, battery safety is a key challenge in the development of electrified powertrains.

    How do 3M Solutions contribute to continuous efficiency and performance improvements?

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  • 3M Thermal Interface Management

    High temperatures can reduce battery lifetime and device reliability. See how our thermally conductive, electrically isolating materials can alleviate heat build-up in compact spaces.

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