4 Steps to Your Safety

Welding – one of the most dangerous jobs in the world?

  • Just like we take eye and face protection extremely seriously, we also know that comfort and optical clarity are other critical factors for the welder’s ability to use their personal protective equipment. Illnesses due to other hazards, like welding fumes, can often take weeks, months or even years to become apparent.

    Here are four simple steps that you can follow to make it easier to choose the correct level of protection and comfort that optimize your welding safety:

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    Identify the hazards

    Make a list of all risks regarding your welding environment (radiation, sparks, fumes, noise, trip hazards, falling objects, etc.).

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    Asses the risk levels

    By evaluating every risk levels, you can prioritize their prevention. Consult professional health expertise to identify the hazards levels against country safety standards.

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    Select the right type of welding helmet

    Consider what kind of protection equipment you might need (eye, face, head, hearing) based on the level and type of protection as well as your requirements of comfort, style and maintenance, to be able to work safely and effectively.

  • 4-steps-4

    Training, motivation and maintenance

    Perfect welding protection stands or falls with its propper use. 3M accompanies this in three ways.

    - Training: you will learn how to make the right choice and a 3M safety coach can train you or your employees in how and why they should use their equipment

    - Motivation: Do your employees know how to wear and use their equipment? Our 3M Safety Coach can support you in toolbox meetings and offer posters for guidance at your location.

    - Care and manitenance: Every day sparks, heat, fumes and normal wear effect the protective equipment. For this, regular checks should be done.

How can we help

Whether you need personal advice or like to book a meeting with a 3M Safety Coach, please contact us.