How you should address the issues

How you should address the issues

  • Conduct a Risk Assessment

    Every bodyshop is different and will be at risk from different hazards according to the type of work that is carried out. To comply with the law, the level of risk assessment carried out and the controls put in place will have to be adequate for protecting the workforce. For guidance on how to carry out a risk assessment refer to the management guide below.

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is suitable for purpose

    PPE shouldn’t automatically be regarded as the best solution to protecting your workforce. Often by controlling the hazard at source you may be able to reduce the need for PPE all together. Question whether the process can be modified to reduce exposure to the hazard.

    PPE Selection:
    Select products which…


    • Have been approved to certain standards (e.g. CE Marked)
    • Provide adequate protection
    • Are suitable for the job (please refer to Bodyshop PPE Selection guide below)
    • Are suitable for the wearer (for information on fit testing please refer to the management guide and guide to using 3M Fit Tests below)
    • Are compatible with other PPE.

    (For detailed guidance please refer to the management guide below)

  • Provide Training

    To ensure that the desired level of protection is provided by the selected PPE it is important that the wearer uses the product as intended. To encourage correct use operatives should be informed of the hazards, risks and health effects.


    PPE Maintenance


    Maintenance is required to ensure that PPE reusable continues to provide the level of protection for which it was designed. Refer to the management guide below for information on maintenance including record-keeping and air quality testing.


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