3M Safety Spotlight Webinars 2016

Care and Maintenance of your Spray Booth and Keeping your Staff aware of Potential Risks and Hazards webinar

  • Care and Maintenance of your Spray Booth
    and Keeping your Staff aware of Potential Risks and Hazards
    Date: Thursday 20th July 2017
    Speaker: Steve Hollowell, George Elliot and Wesley Young


    Your spray booth is one of the largest investments in your shop. When airborne contaminants settle on your freshly painted surfaces, it creates an extra step to prepare the finish to meet your customer's expectations. Keeping this asset in top working condition is an important process for the ultimate efficiency of running your spray booth.

    Spray booths prevent isocyanates and solvents from contaminating the rest of the shop but do not sufficiently protect the painter. Hazardous chemicals may be inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin and eyes. Potential health and safety risks range from, headaches and nausea to extremely serious conditions such as lung cancer, damage to the reproductive system and 'painter's syndrome' (which affects the brain). It is important that exposure to hazardous chemicals are eliminated, or where it cannot be eliminated, it should be minimised.

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    In this webinar we will discuss the importance of Spray Booth management. The key areas of discussion will include:

    • Bodyshop manager’s duties and responsibilities
    • Preparation of Booths
    • Maintenance of Booths
    • Booth Clearance Times
    • Supplied breathable quality air
    • Personal protective Equipment requirements


    About Speakers:

    Steve Hollowell,
    Application Engineering Specialist,
    3M Automotive Aftermarket Division.

    Steve works as an Application Engineer in the 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. In this role Steve provides Technical Training and Advise across the bodyshop product range.

    George Elliott,
    Application Engineer,
    3M Personal safety Division.

    George works as an Application Engineer in the 3M Personal Safety Division. In this role George provides technical advice across the 3M eyewear, head and face and coverall portfolios.

    Guest Speaker: Wesley Young,
    Sales Director,
    AGM Services Ltd.

    Wesley has over 18 years’ experience in the Spray Booth Oven industry across 2 continents with expertise in spray booth manufacturing and Preventative Service and Maintenance.

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