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  • 3M™ Premium Abrasives

    By using the 3M Premium Abrasives range you’ll save valuable time without compromising on excellent levels of workmanship. Longer lasting abrasives, thanks to 3M innovative technologies, mean that our discs and sheets sand faster, help reduce cycle time and rework, while also providing a consistent finish that you can count on time and time again.

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  • 3M™ Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Abrasive Disc 737U

    4 Discs - grades 80+, 120+, 180+, 220+

    • Featuring triangular-shaped ceramic minerals that cut 30% faster and last twice as long as regular abrasive discs, a revolutionary advancement in abrasive technology.
    • Deliver excellent performance during paint removal, body filler shaping, feather edging, and primer sanding.
    • The triangular shaped ceramic mineral is designed to slice through the substrate, rather than gouging or ploughing like conventional abrasives, resulting in a disc that cuts up to 30% faster and lasts up to 2x longer.
  • 3M™ Hookit™ Blue Abrasive Discs 325U

    4 Discs - grades 80, 120, 180, 220.

    • Featuring multi-hole technology for superior dust extraction, delivering excellent cutting results, from paint removal to preparation.
    • Our blue aluminium oxide abrasive discs are designed to offer excellent cutting performance and a perfect result from paint removal to preparation.
    • Uses a blend of 3M's engineered Precision Shaped Grains (PSG) and ceramic minerals to deliver best-in-class cut and disc life.
    • Ideal for removing paint or sand primer prior to basecoat application.

    Use the 3M Premium Abrasives range and suddenly you'll feel like you have more hours in the day.

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What else is in the 3M Premium Abrasives Range?

With a full range of cutting, grinding and sanding products available for panel repair, primer preparation, and primer sanding, 3M Premium Abrasives has a high-performance solution for all your bodyshop requirements.

  • 3M™ Hookit™ Purple Finishing Film Abrasive Discs 260L

    • Featuring an updated coating that levels surface defects on clear coat and greatly reduces pigtails.
    • Aluminium oxide abrasive cuts fast and lasts a long time.
    • Built onto a durable film backing that adds conformability, and our specially formulated coating helps preserve the life of the aluminium oxide mineral.
    • Ideal for levelling orange peel, dust nibs or paint runs in all types of automotive paint, gel coat and clear coat.

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  • With you every step of the way.

    3M™ Premium Abrasives. Making you more productive than ever. Use 3M products for unrivalled quality at every stage in your bodyshop process. Our comprehensive range covers everything from masking and abrasives, all the way through to polishes.

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