3M™ Flexible Foam Abrasive Discs

  • Versatility at its finest.

    3M are pleased to announce the launch of the new 3M™ Flexible Foam Abrasive Disc.

    The disc combines a flexible aluminium oxide abrasive with a soft foam which conform to irregular surfaces allowing better access to hard-to-reach areas than traditional methods.

    The 3M™ Flexible Foam Abrasive Disc can also be used wet or dry and by hand or machine in blending applications creating a high performing, versatile blending abrasive.

    With hundreds of lasers of perforated holes, the disc allows for excellent dust and water control when used wet or dry creating a clean sanding environment.

    With excellent cut and finish, the main applications for this abrasive disc include blending, paint rectification & denibbing (basecoat/clearcoat).

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