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    3M™ Structural Adhesives technologies for automotive applications

    • With 3M™ Structural Adhesives technologies, not only can thinner and lighter sheets be assembled, material compounds can also be made with composite, aluminium or high-strength steel. A comprehensive portfolio of innovative technologies such as structural adhesive films and 2-component adhesives are available for various customer requirements.

    3M™ Structural Adhesives for dimensionally stable hang-on parts

    • 2-component epoxy resin adhesives speed up the manufacturing of steel and aluminium parts such as hoods, doors and tailgates. Also, gelling or shell construction ovens are no longer needed – a significant improvement to the manufacturing process. Process and dimensionally stable components through induction or room temperature hardening have many benefits, including:

      • Fast handling strength up to 2 MPa without using a gelling oven
      • Higher thermal resistance in the cathodic dip-paint coating oven compared to 1K epoxy resin adhesives
      • Use of thinner materials with simultaneous component rigidity
      • Suitable for joining multi-material systems
      • High strength and corrosion resistance


    3M™ Structural Adhesive Films for bonds together with galvanic isolation

    • Close-up of a component by hands in gloves

      Structural adhesive films combine all the benefits of 1-component epoxy resin adhesives with the easy handling of adhesive tapes. Additionally, the insulating properties are ideally suited to multi-material bonds. Benefits of structural adhesive films include:

      • Structural strength together with galvanic isolation of aluminium and steel sheets
      • Clean application – no need to push out the adhesive or wipe
      • Constant adhesive thickness
      • Can be combined with other joining processes
      • Available as a stamped part, enables pre-application of components


    3M™ Glass Adhesive Tapes for glass-metal bonds

    • A man inside a car applying an inside mirror

      Due to their acrylate/epoxy resin adhesive, heat-activated 3M™ Glass Adhesive Tapes are particularly suited to bonding sensor holders and mirror bases on the windshield. The initial bonding of the acrylate adhesive ensures an easy to apply tape, and the epoxy resin provides the final, high strength bond. Benefits of structural bonding tapes include:

      • Adhesive hardening in the autoclave process
      • No primer necessary
      • High thermal and moisture resistance
      • The radii are balanced
      • Available as stamped parts

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