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Automotive head-up windshield electronics display
Welcome to a new world of display technology.
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Head-up display solutions from 3M

The future of connected mobility: clear, critical information that blends safely and seamlessly into the driving experience. The windscreen is the canvas. The head-up display (HUD) is the paintbrush. The art of automotive design includes driver alerts, turn-by-turn navigation, even augmented reality. Connecting it all together: the science of managing light and heat. 3M is here to help.

  • Future HUD benefits for the vehicle driver

    Advantages of head-up displays

    Find out what safety and comfort advantages head-up displays can offer in the future. These areas of application are clearly shown in the video (video 4:30 min).

Everywhere you look, something amazing is happening

Since the first HUDs, 3M has been helping ensure that displays are effective at any time of day or night. Now images must remain clear and focused across all driver profiles, tall or short, at any viewing angle, even if the driver is wearing polarised sunglasses. Demand is also increasing for wider fields of view across the entire windscreen. This means higher HUD volume, and related challenges in thermal management, durability and even electromagnetic interference (EMI).

We are using science to develop answers to all of these challenges, from the windscreen itself all the way down to the heat sink. Learn more below.

Light Management

Diagram of 3M solutions for HUD light management

3M HUD light management

Technology. Vision. Power. Enhance your head-up display designs in so many ways: brighter, crisper imagery, wider fields of view without significant heat and passenger experiences that are second to none.

Learn more about Light Management

HUD Bonding

diagram of 3M solutions for display bonding

3M HUD Bonding

Reliable adhesive bonds take on a whole new meaning in HUDs, where dust covers must stand up to light, heat and motion over the long term. 3M can help.

Learn more about Display Bonding

Thermal Management

diagram of 3M solutions for display thermal managment

3M HUD Thermal Management

3M materials can help extend your capabilities for reducing heat loads in HUDs. Reflect solar heat. Circulate heat generating light. Direct heat from HUD components to heat sinks. And more.

Learn more about Thermal Management

EMI Management

Diagram of 3M solutions for Electromagnetic interference in head up displays

3M HUD EMI Management

Reduce electromagnetic interference to enable clear, consistent electronic signals in the PGU.

Learn more about Electromagnetic Interference

Cushioning and Damping

Diagram of 3M solutions for cushioning and damping in head up displays

3M HUD cushioning and damping

Engineered cushioning foams protect your peace of mind. They absorb impact energy and keeping it from damaging sensitive electronics like PGUs, LED panels and PCBs.

Learn more about Cushioning and Damping

Safely expand your view

As demand for HUDs increase, so does the need for a wider field of view – which has traditionally been limited by in-windscreen glazing PVB wedge solutions. Now there’s an alternative. 3M™ Windscreen Combiner Film can help you increase the field of view and virtually eliminate secondary images to safely display critical driver information.

  • Diagram showing 3M Windshield Combiner Film in auto windshield

    3M™ Windscreen Combiner Film (3M WCF)

    In place of the standard PVB wedge, 3M WCF forms a seamless flat layer between layers of windscreen glass. It virtually eliminates secondary images. It opens up the entire windscreen as a canvas for HUD displays.

    The film also uses p-polarised light. When the film is used in the windscreen and the HUD picture generating unit (PGU) is configured to project P-Pol light, vehicle occupants no longer need to remove standard S-Pol-blocking sunglasses to read HUD information. That’s great news for designers concerned about safety in HUD design.

Image of three HUD displays with and without polarized sunglasses and 3M Windshield Combiner Film
A better view through sunglasses

Keep cool from the top down

Brighter, more automotive cockpit designs can lead to higher exposure to the sun. Demand for more - and more powerful - onboard electronics can lead to added heat buildup from within.

  • 3M cold mirror film for HUD thermal management

    Film solutions for HUD thermal management

    3M™ Cold Mirror Film (3M CMF)
    This solution transmits infrared (IR) light and half of the visible wavelengths and can reduce solar irradiance in the HUD by as much as 40%. Reduced solar irradiance equals reduced heat - and longer life for HUD components from its LCD and the PGU inside to its frames and covers outside.

    3M™ Visible-Light Reflective Cover (3M VRC)
    Designed specifically to control light entering the cover lens at the top of the HUD unit, this film is a front-line defender against solar light entering the HUD. The film reflects and controls a portion of the visible light for reduced heat within the HUD unit. It can augment the effectiveness of other 3M films throughout the HUD.

    3M™ Visible-Light Reflective PGU (3M VRP)
    This film is designed to help protect against heat buildup, inside the PGU assembly and out. It can be placed behind the LCD to block extra light and heat generated by the LED. It can also be used to also enhance the reflection of visible solar light entering from above the PGU.

  • Thermally conductive interface pads provide thermal managment for Head Up displays

    TIM solutions for HUD thermal management

    3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Pads
    Part of a broad selection of thermal interface materials (TIMs), these flexible, compressible pads are designed to provide efficient heat transfer paths, allowing for the effective control and direction of heat away from critical components. Our range of thermally conductive interface pads is ideal for heat sink attachment for head up displays.

    Learn more about our thermal management solutions

Efficiently increase brightness

Central to truly distinctive head up displays is the effective control of light. 3M has light control down to a science - and down to simple, lightweight film technology that’s easy to incorporate.

  • 3M creates solutions to increase brightness in automotive displays

    Some brilliant ideas for controlling light

    3M™ Cold Mirror Film (3M CMF)
    This turnkey solution is designed to replace traditional cold mirrors. 3M CMF reflects liquid crystal display (LCD) images and delivers light at >90% reflectance of one polarisation state and true color replication. It also transmits light of the wrong polarisation state. The result: less visible light creating heat on the PGU.

    3M™ Visible-Light Reflective PGU (3M VRP)
    3M™ VRP can maximise the use of light throughout the HUD. Placed between the liquid crystal display and the PGU, this film enhances the reflection of visible solar light entering the head up display and blocks extra light from the light-emitting diode (LED).

  • Thin bond tapes secure vehicle displays

    Get longer lasting, higher performing HUDs

    High temperature is not the only thing that can impact HUD durability and performance. Shock and vibration as well as electromagnetic interference can affect the HUD operations and reliability. 3M delivers a range of solutions for securing and protecting HUD PGUs, printed circuit boards, LED panels and other critical components so that you can keep your HUD units performing longer and better.

    3M thin-bonding tapes

    Cushioning and damping foams

    3M™ EMI Tapes and Absorbers

Want to talk to a 3M expert about your Head-Up Display design challenges?